Contract Administration


Certificate of Insurance Management

Every year UT Tyler enters into many contracts that focus on various activities, including outside services, supplies, facilities use, construction, and research. Each of these contracts can potentially result in unexpected financial harm to UT Tyler if the faculty and staff involved in the contract negotiation process are not informed about the appropriate management of contracts and UT Tyler's contracting policies and procedures. 


To help protect UT Tyler, please understand insurance coverages and requirements, and provide a Certificate of Insurance (COI) for agreements and contracts that require insurance coverage.  The COI should be uploaded into Symplr Contract with the agreement in the Contract Library.  For assistance, please contact Contract Administration.  Faculty and staff must ensure a contractor or consultant (a non-UT employee) has met all insurance requirements before work begins on campus.


Insurance Requirements for Contractors and Outside Groups, Risk Management's page answers the following questions:

  • What are the University's insurance requirements for contractors or vendors?
  • What if the contractor does not have insurance meeting our requirements?
  • Must outside groups who rent University facilities provide liability insurance?


If you need further assistance or clarification contact Chris Kinsey, Risk and Claims Analyst, Environmental Health and Safety, Risk Management and Insurance.


Risk Management
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