Contract Administration


Business Contracts Requiring Special Handling and/or Additional Approval

***Please allow extra processing time for Contracts Requiring Special Handling***


The following contract type require special handling and/or additional approval and will require additional time to process:


1. Special Procedure Contracts


Special procedure contracts are contracts that are likely to present unique, complex, or sometimes difficult issues. Most special procedures contracts are governed by specific provisions or requirements contained in statutes, Regents’ Rules, UT Systemwide Policies and other guidance. As a result, these special procedure contracts require special attention and, in some cases, additional review by UTT's Office of Legal Affairs or the UT System's Office of General Counsel (OGC) to assure compliance with governing authority or to minimize business risk.

Special Procedure Contracts that require review and approval by the UT System Office of General Counsel prior to execution will be determined by the Office of Legal Affairs. For additional information, also see Region's Rule 10501


2. Contracts Requiring UT System Approval 


In compliance with Region's Rule 10501 special contracts require OGC or Board of Regent's approval, see Contracts Requiring UT System Approval. 


3. Foreign Agreements


 Per Regents' Rule 10501, contracts with a foreign government or an agency of a foreign government require Board approval, regardless of amount, and the Board’s Consent Agenda procedures call for OGC review. Contracts exceeding $250,000 with institutions owned or controlled by a foreign source may require reporting to the Secretary of Education. See 20 USC §1011F for information on these reporting requirements. Office of Legal Affairs will route to the OGC, when applicable.


4. Software and Technology Agreements


All agreements that involve software or technology must be reviewed by the Information Security Office (ISO). Additional action by Contractors may be requested by the ISO prior to contract execution. 

Additional approvals may be required if a vendor will (1) not be able to comply with state electronic information accessibility requirements, (2) have access to University trademarks/logos, (3) develop websites on the UT domain, (4) develop mobile application(s), and/or (5) have access to Cat-1 data including FERPA and or HIPAA information.

For more information, please see TX-RAMP and UTT's Online and Mobile Application Policy.


5. Revenue Generating Agreements

​All agreements that generate revenue for the University must be reviewed for Unrelated Business Income Tax (UBIT). All revenue generating agreements, except those that are categorized as Interlocal or interagency agreements, will be sent to Financial Services for review and approval prior to being sent out for signature. Additional documentation may be requested.


For more information about UBIT, please see UTS 103.