Contract Administration


Submitting a Contract



Symplr Contract (click link for access) went live on September 1, 2023, for fiscal year 2024.  All agreements and contracts must be submitted through Symplr Contract for approval and/or signature.  The DocuSign CARF will not longer be accepted or processed.  


Employees are encouraged to log in and ensure they have access to the application.  User training is available at Training Resources.  Additionally, Contract Administration will host Q&A Sessions (Requestor & DCAs) throughout September and then monthly during the 2023-2024 fiscal year.  Department or individual employee training can be scheduled by emailing Contract Administration


Facility Use Agreements and Joint Sponsorship Events

Please see Event Management for additional information.  


Procurement Notice - $14,999K or More = Procurement Services Review.  

Please see Procurement Services for further information on procurement requirements and submission of purchase requests. 


***Legal Review - Required for all contracts/agreements

For additional information, please see Legal Contract Processing Guidelines or Office of Legal Affairs.