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The Office of Digital Learning partners with colleges and departments across the campuses and both internal and external stakeholders to advance the mission of the University and improve learning outcomes in undergraduate, graduate, and continuing education. Our team serves courses delivered in online, hybrid, and face-to-face modalities and consists of two major areas of focus: Learning Systems Support and Instructional Design. The Learning Systems Support team includes our LMS administrator, learning technologies analyst, and two support specialists who work alongside faculty and staff to support the learning, collaboration, and academic integrity platforms used across the university. The Instructional Design team includes an Instructional Designer who focuses on designing engaging learning experiences across modalities and an Instructional Design Associate who focuses on course design and user experience across digital learning platforms. Once again this year, all Digital Learning staff were certified in the nationally recognized and research-based Quality Matters Higher Education Course Design Rubric.

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Online Instructor Handbook
Available Now!

The Online Instructor Handbook is a great resource for online pedagogical principles, along with UT Tyler’s specific practices and policies. This handbook, available for download as a PDF, is a valuable reference that you can utilize throughout your time at UT Tyler to enhance your online teaching experience. It’s designed to help you navigate the digital teaching landscape and be a quick reference for setting up and maintaining your online course.


Digital Learning Highlights 2023

LightBoard at UT Tyler

LightBoard video recording at UT Tyler

Create Engaging, Interactive Videos at UT Tyler!

"The LightBoard is a new experience available FREE to UT Tyler faculty. Imagine being able to write on a whiteboard or chalkboard without your back to the students.

Imagine being able to create engaging, interactive videos that students love and can play over and over to help them learn. Imagine being able to have as many takes as needed to get it “just right.''

Universities like Penn State, Duke, Columbia, Notre Dame, Stanford, North Western and now UT Tyler have this incredible new technology to make this happen. Whether you teach face-to-face, hybrid or online, this technology will allow you to create learning modules you never thought possible for any class you teach face-to-face, online or hybrid."

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