Surviving an Active Shooter Event

Surviving an Active Shooter Event

Run. Hide. Fight.

If there is an armed intruder on campus, the university follows the RUN-HIDE-FIGHT response plan:

RUN If you have a clear path away from the gunfire.

  • Dont stop until you are far enough away from the building to be safe.
  • Warn others along the way to avoid the area.
  • Once you are safe, call 911.

HIDE if you do not have a safe pathway out of the building.

  • Lock doors, close blinds, turn off lights and silence your cell phone.
  • DO NOT try to leave your safe space until an official "all-clear" has been given.

FIGHT if you have no other choice and are confronted by the intruder.

  • Improvise weapons from any nearby items. (scissors, letter-opener, etc)
  • Attack the shooter as a group, as aggressively as possible.
  • When the shooter is subdued call 911.

Never activate a fire alarm during an active shooter event.


Please watch this short video about the Run-Hide-Fight response to an active shooter:

Contact the UT Tyler Police Department at 903.566.7300 for info on presentations to your campus group.