Transportation - Airlines 

Transportation - Airlines

Office of Financial Services

The University of Texas System Administration (UT System) has mandated that all faculty, staff, students and guests traveling on university business must use the UT System contracted travel agencies: Corporate Travel Planners (CTP) or Anthony Travel (ATI). Those who are not compliant with the policy may be suspended from future travel and may not be reimbursed for airfare expenses. All commercial air booked through CTP, ATI or Concur is direct billed to the university.

Non-Compliance Policy


NOTE: The UT Share/PeopleSoft® Travel Authorization (TA) is a numerical “Authorization ID” that is entered within your reservation. The TA is normally created by a departmental administrative assistance. To confirm your reservation the TA and the departmental cost center number will need to be entered or given to the agent.

Concur Online Travel (Domestic Travel Only)
Concur is an online travel booking tool, designed to make the business travel reservation process easier and more convenient. Travel content (air, car and hotel) is delivered in a user friendly format.
Concur Self Registration (one time setup)
Concur Reservations

Full Service

Corporate Travel Planners:(866) 366-1142 or (210) 366-1142
Anthony Travel: (800) 684-2044 or (512) 617-8444

All airline tickets are booked through CTP (online and full service) or ATI (full service only). The reimbursement for air transportation may not exceed the cost of the lowest refundable available airfare. If non-refundable airfare is purchased, the employee may incur the risk of trip cancellation.

NOTE: Reservations must be confirmed within 24 hours or tickets are automatically canceled. Fare and flight availability are not guaranteed until purchased. Reservations cannot be finalized until CTP or ATI receives the traveler's TA and the departmental cost center number.

The reservation is complete when the traveler/travel arranger receives an e-invoice with the remarks "your e-ticket confirmation is XXXXXX." When emailing after 4 p.m. CST, agents will respond the next business morning. For same-day travel request please call the agent directly using full service.

Travel Agency Policy Exceptions

All faculty, staff, students and guests who travel on university business are required to use the authorized travel agencies. Those currently exempt from this requirement include: student group travel (10 students or more) and athletic (team) travel.

  • Exceptions will be made only for the following circumstances with documented approval from the vice president for budget and finance, obtainedprior to travel:
  • Travel paid by an outside entity.
    NOTE: Grant-funded accounts are exempt only if the grant outlines specific processes and procedures for securing travel arrangements.
  • Emergency situations (flood, hurricane, etc.).
  • If CTP or ATI is unable to provide airfare within $100 of a lower fare available from another source, then the alternate travel provider may be chosen.
  • Printed quotes from the agency and outside source, with an apples-to-apples comparison (same date, flights, cities, class of service, restrictions) must be provided to the vice president for budget and finance in advance of ticket purchase.
  • Meeting or conference airfares and discounts cannot be obtained from UT Tyler's travel agencies, CTP or ATI.

Additional Air Related Travel Policy

  • Non-business Travel. Contract airfares may not be used for leisure, personal, or non-business travel.
  • Non-employees.  UT System contract airfares are available for use when non-employees travel on behalf of UT Tyler and when travel is paid by UT Tyler. However, state-contracted airfares are not available to independent contractors or consultants working for UT Tyler.
  • First Class Airfare and Upgrades. With advance approval by a Department Head, first class airfare may be reimbursed, without limitation as to the source of funds, if it is the only available airfare or if it is required due to medical or physical limitations as documented by an attending physician.
  • UT Tyler reimbursement for upgrades, including the use of Southwest Airlines Business Select, are limited to Executive Officers and Regents. Executive Officers and Regents may elect to upgrade the class of airfare if there is a documented business reason and institutional funds are used. State funds may not be utilized for the cost of such upgrades. An authorized signer must provide advance approval and documentation of the business reason; documentation must be submitted as support for the payment of the upgrade.
  • Frequent Flyer Miles/Flight Credits. UT Tyler may not reimburse for tickets purchased with frequent flyer miles or personal flight/travel credits.
  • Baggage. One checked bag fee is reimbursable. Additional fees are reimbursable only if supplemental baggage is required to transport state owned equipment or materials (receipts and documentation are required).
  • Chartered Aircraft. The use of charter aircraft requires advance coordination with UT System Travel Services and contract review by the Office of General Counsel and appropriate Executive Officer. In addition, advance approval for any charter flight paid with state funds must be obtained from the Texas Department of Transportation. With applicable approval, an employee may charter an aircraft if the UT System or State-owned aircraft is not available or if the charter would reduce the cost of transportation.