Human Resources

Remote Work Guidelines and Forms

UT Tyler makes remote work available as an option in situation where it supports department and business operations.

It is an option for suitable positions and eligible employees; however, it may not be right for every position or employee. The employee's leadership is responsible for determining which jobs are suitable and which employees are eligible for remote work and must define the circumstances under which the jobs are to be performed.

Remote Work at UT Tyler

  • Remote work is completing the same work normally performed at the specified University worksite but doing it from another approved location.
  • Remote work is not an entitlement. Permission to work remotely is based on job function, work group, internal and external customer needs, job performance, and permission from leadership.
  • Remote work is not a substitute for childcare, elder care, and/or any type of caregiving; the employee must continue to make arrangements for child or dependent care to the same extent as if the employee was working from the University worksite.

International Remote Work

  • Remote work options for locations outside of the United States are not permitted.

Before requesting a Remote Work Agreement, the employee should:

  • Read the Remote Work GUidelines and Expectations.
  • Engage in a conversation with their supervisor to determine whether remote work is an option in their division or department. In addition, they should discuss whether their position is suitable for remote work and whether they meet performance standards for a remote work arrangement.
  • After discussion, if it is agreed upon that the employee should move forward with initiating a request for a remote work agreement, the employee will complete the online Request for Remote Work and Agreement form. The form will be routed to the employee's supervisor for review and approval. The supervisor will forward for additional and final approvals as needed.

In State ( Texas) Remote Work Agreements

  • Remote work is approved at the discretion of the division leadership, or their designee, in accordance with specific criteria and protocols, and those defined by UTT.

Out of State Remote Work Agreements

  • Division leadership, or their designee can approve out of state remote work for any state not on the restricted or limited list (See Below.)
  • Out of state remote work agreements are prohibited for employees of the UT Tyler Health Science Center campus.

Remote work is RESTRICTED or LIMITED in the following states:

  • Due to state and/or local employment laws, there are certain states in which remote work is RESTRICTED.
  • Currently, these include the following:
    • California, Colorado, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Illinois, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania**, Rhode Island and Washington.
    • **Non-exempt staff are not permitted to work remotely for any length of time in Pennsylvania due to state employment laws.
  • Due to state and/or local employment laws, the following states may be approved for remote work arrangements but should be LIMITED and only approved for mission critical or hard to fill positions:
    • Delaware, Hawaii, Maryland, Michigan, Montana, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Vermont
  • For employees on approved for arrangement in LIMITED states, an annual fee of $2,000 will be charged to the employee's home department to cover the cost of UTT's additional administrative responsibilities in managing out of state employment obligations with remote workers.