Employment Verifications

Employment Verification

Office of Human Resources


UT Tyler and the UT Tyler Health Science Center uses an external agency called “The Work Number” to provide verifications of employment.


The Work Number is a fast and secure way to provide proof of employment or income, a necessary step in many of today’s life events involving credit, financing or securing of benefits or services. The Work Number simplifies the verification process and accelerates credit decisions through an online system available to agencies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. More than 200,000 credentialed agencies rely on The Work Number for rapid access to information critical to their decision process, and over 2,900 employers nationwide have entrusted The Work Number to provide this important service on behalf of their employees.
When an employee applies for credit or other services and proof of employment or income is required, the authorized agency can get this information from the Work Number.

The Work Number Access Method for the Authorized Agency:

  1. www.theworknumber.com
    (1-800-424-0253 for TTY if hearing impaired)
  2. The University of Texas at Tyler’s Employer Code: 13945
    The University of Texas at Tyler Health Science Center's Employer Code: 13950
  3. Employee’s Social Security Number