Volunteer Information

Procedures and Application

These procedures apply to students, staff, faculty, job applicants, and applicants for admissions, retirees, external community members, and any other potential beneficiary of the programs, services or activities of The University of Texas at Tyler and the Health Science Center, UT at Tyler including all off-campus instructional and clinical sites (UTT). It does not apply to individuals who seek an unpaid faculty appointment at the UTT. It also does not apply to paid and unpaid internships or to service-learning courses.

Policy and Procedures

UTT acknowledges and values the role of volunteer opportunities in enhancing the vision and mission of the UTT. Accordingly, it is the policy of the UTT to encourage fair and efficient processes to provide volunteer opportunities, in keeping with federal and state laws and the UTT policy.

The University of Texas HOP 4.16.5 Volunteer Service

UT Tyler Volunteer Application