Phish Bowl

Phish Bowl

Phish Bowl

Phishing examples

The Phish Bowl is comprised of real phishing emails reported to us by UT Tyler employees. You can click the links below to view the original emails, which include tips on how you can identify the email is a phishing attack.

Please check back often as we will continually update this page as new phishing attacks are reported.

Remember to always use the Proofpoint Report Phish options to alert us of any suspicious emails you may receive.

Report suspicious banner available in any environment:

Report Suspicious Banner

In the Outlook desktop app:

Phish Alarm Button

In Outlook on the web.  

letter p logo



Urgent Task Request

Direct Deposit Change Request

Tutoring Scam

 Detected something unusual on your Email

 Shared One Drive File

"Webcam video of you" sextortion scam

OneDrive Paperworks Request

Gift Card Scam

Shared File Using One Drive