IT Related Purchases

IT Related Purchases for University Use

Technology Support

  • All IT related purchases (hardware and software) that are not on the pre-approved lists must be reviewed by IT before the purchase is made or the PO is created.  
  • All vendors that host or access University Data must be pre-approved by the Information Security Office prior to use. This includes acquisition (paid or free) and use of external services such as cloud storage, application or communication providers.
  • Faculty/Staff may use one primary university owned computer (defined as a computer with a full operating system i.e. macOS, OS X or Windows). Requests for additional systems considered primary will require additional justification and approval.  Low cost tablets and mobile devices may also be used in addition to a primary computer.
  • Systems purchased that do not receive IT approval, are beyond economic repair, and/or that are too old to receive security updates, will be prohibited from connecting to the production network and will not receive IT support.  Systems that will not be connected to the network must still receive prior approval by IT and Information Security. 
    NOTE: These policies are to ensure that IT can provide necessary support for IT devices and that the item will not compromise university data or resources. This includes any item that would need IT Support for installation or support - such as software, apps, computers, laptops, tablets, monitors and any peripheral equipment such as keyboards, mice, web cams, headphones, printers, etc.

UT Tyler is required to be in compliance with Texas Administrative Code Section 202 which establishes Information Security Standards.

Pre-approved List of Software

Software approved and currently installed campus-wide.
Microsoft Office Suite

Software approved but requires a quote from IT for Purchase Order 
Adobe products 
Atlas TI
Autodesk products
Microsoft Power BI 
Microsoft Project
Microsoft Visio
TechSmith products
Pre-approved Standard Computing Devices
To expedite this process, IT Support has created a Web page listing Standard Computing Devices, laptops, monitors, tablets, and various accessories that can be quickly quoted and approved for current pricing and processed. Below are the minimum specifications for computers.
·        Intel Core i5
·        16GB Memory
·        250GB NVMe M.2 Storage Drive
·        Built-in webcams for laptops
·        Monitors and webcams for desktops (optional)
Pre-approved Standard Computer Accessories
The Standard Computer Accessories have been tested and can easily be supported by campus support personnel. The Web page provides links for the best price and instructions for purchasing without sales tax. Items on this list do not need a quote or approval and are fully supported by IT Support.
Should you need to purchase items not on the pre-approved list, you may send an email to to receive technical advice and cost comparisons to ensure best value and be advised of security or support issues.

Should you choose to purchase an item that is not approved, please note that IT Support will not be able to assist in the installation or support of the item.
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