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International Student Insurance

× The UT-SHIP waiver application for Spring 2020 will be accessible starting November 18, 2019 on AHP's Waiver Page; the last day to submit a waiver application for Spring 2020 will be January 19, 2020.

The University of Texas System requires the following groups to carry medical insurance:

  • All F visa students
  • All J exchange visitors (students, scholars, researchers)

To meet this requirement, University of Texas schools offer the University of Texas Student Health Insurance Policy, referred to as UT-SHIP.

Student Enrollment: F and J visa students are automatically added to the University of Texas Student Insurance Policy (UT-SHIP) and the fee added to their student accounts as soon as they enroll in classes. A student may receive authorization through the Waiver Process to use an alternative policy. It must meet all the insurance criteria and the correct documents filed during the waiver period. There are very few waiver approvals.

Exchange Visitor Enrollment: J exchange visitors may opt to enroll in UT-SHIP or find a comparable policy, provided it meets additional J-1 visa requirements. They must submit proof of sufficient coverage to the Office of International Programs, no later than 7 days after their program start date.

UT-SHIP insurance company: Blue Cross/Blue Shield

Coverage:    Benefits (Does not include vision or dental coverage except for students and their dependents under

       19 years old.)

Cost:             Next page.

Cards:           Mailed to students once per academic year, in the fall after classes begin unless the student's first

        semester is spring. Paper/digital versions are available through the Blue Cross/Blue Shield website.

To ask about Insurance Enrollment:  1-855-267-7587

To ask about Benefits or Claims:       1-855-267-0214

Free 24/7 Nurseline:                          1-800-581-0368

How to use your policy: 

  • You will be mailed an insurance card. Put it in your wallet or purse.

  • When you make a doctor’s appointment or visit a clinic, you will be asked what insurance you use and other information off the card.  

  • When you arrive at the clinic, someone will ask to see your card. They will verify that the policy is active.

  • When you leave, the office will send a bill to the insurance company. The insurance company will pay a percentage of the bill (see benefits list for how much) and then you will be billed for the remainder OR you can pay the full price and send the bill to the insurance company yourself and have them reimburse you for their portion. This is called “filing a claim.”
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