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Student Health Insurance Information

All international students attending The University of Texas at Tyler (UT Tyler) on a non-immigrant visa are required by the University of Texas (UT) System Board of Regents to be continuously enrolled in a medical insurance plan that meets standards set forth by the federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA). The UT Tyler Student Health Insurance Plan (UT-SHIP) meets and exceeds these standards. If you are a UT Tyler student on an F-1 or J-1 visa, enrollment in UT-SHIP is automatic upon course registration.

Visiting scholars, faculty and student delegations are also required to have continuous medical insurance coverage which meets PPACA standards. 

If you are a J-1 scholar or faculty, you may enroll in UT-SHIP or elect to enroll in another insurance plan provided it meets J-1 visa requirements. J-1 scholars/faculty may submit proof of comparable non-UT-SHIP insurance to their J-1 advisor up to 7 days after their program start date.

Contact intlinsurance@uttyler.edu for questions about UT Tyler insurance requirements.

Medical insurance coverage is a requirement for all F-1 and J-1 students, and the coverage does not include dental insurance. Dental insurance is optional. Medical + dental premiums are indicated below. 

UT-SHIP Payment Schedule 

The Fall and combined Spring/Summer UT-SHIP premiums are assessed separately from tuition and other non-insurance student fees; it must be paid in full once billed to the student's account for the applicable semester, regardless of any existing payment plan arrangement for an outstanding balance. 

Non-payment past the corresponding waiver application deadline for any given billing semester will result in the student's being dropped from all classes and ISSFS' terminating of their visa status!

 UT-Student Health Insurance Plan (UT-SHIP)


Annual Premium

Fall Premium

Spring/Summer Premium

Summer Premium


8/15/17 through 8/14/18

8/15/17 through 12/31/17

1/1/18 through 8/14/18

5/15/18 through 8/14/18

Medical Premium Rates

Student Only






Spouse (If Student is Also Insured)






Children (If Student is Also Insured)






Student and Children






Student, Spouse and Children






*The insurance fee for the spring & summer semesters is charged to the spring tuition and fee bill.

*Annual premium includes $12 AES (Emergency Evacuation Coverage) fee.

 Medical + Dental Premium Rates

Student Only

  $2,567 $990 $1,577 $649


  $2,567 $990 $1,577 $649
Children (If Student is Also Insured)   $4,008 $1,527 $2,481 $1,010
*Medical insurance for children (up to age 18) includes dental. Therefore, the medical + dental for children is same as medical alone.

If you are an F-1 or J-1 student, and you are enrolled in an alternative health insurance plan, you can compare your plan with UT's minimum coverage requirements to see if you qualify to submit a waiver application.

Please refer to our page on How to Submit a Waiver for instructions on the insurance waiver application process, 

Please note: The waiver application must be submitted by the deadline date corresponding to each semester that you choose to use your own policy!

Frequently Asked Insurance Questions

   You may print your temporary insurance ID by following the steps below:

1. Find your UT-SHIP member ID and group number using your 10-digit UT Tyler student ID and date of birth.
2. Register and/or sign in to your Blue Access Member account.
3. Download/print your ID card, or sign in via the BCBSTX mobile app and save to your Android/iOS phone.

    Please email a clear, succinct description of your question/concern and UT Tyler student ID to the international student insurance advisor. Include all relevant details, such as your date of admission (if starting first semester at UT Tyler).

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