Work closely with professors on cutting-edge research and gain valuable experience with a variety of research opportunities in all five areas of chemistry—analytical, organic, inorganic, physical and biochemistry. With a strong focus on mentoring, you will be prepared for advanced degrees and careers like pharmaceutical design and development, alternative energy research, oil and petroleum chemistry and nanotechnology.

Prepare for Medical School Acceptance

Our chemistry graduates who pursue post-graduate studies have a high acceptance rate into medical, dental and physician’s assistant schools.

Student Work on Life Saving Cancer Drugs

WATCH NOW: Undergraduate Michael King talks about student research at UT Tyler

Fermentation Science

Gain real-world experience with hands-on production of fermented foods and beverages. From growing raw materials to bottling a finished product, the fermentation science courses will not only teach you the start-to-finish processes of making various consumables but also give you the opportunity to make them yourself with state-of-the-art, pilot scale equipment. Though the focus of these courses will be rooted in chemistry and microbiology, collaborations with local business leaders will expose students to the finance, business, and marketing aspects of operating a fermented food/beverage company. All of this will prepare students for potential careers in the field of fermentation science or simply provide the knowledge necessary for hobby-scale production.

Outstanding Graduates

Christine Renson

Forensic chemist at Texas DPS Crime Lab in Austin, TX

Jason Myrick

Chemistry lecturer at the United States Air Force Academy, CA

Dr. John Jalas

Pathologist at Saint John’s Hospital in Santa Monica, CA

Dr. Melissa Bowers

Pediatric resident at Riley Children’s Health in Indianapolis, IN

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