Clinical Psychology MS

Clinical Psychology MS

This degree will prepare you to work in psychiatric hospitals, in mental health centers or with doctoral-level psychologists in private practice. During completion of the 60-hour M.S. degree and approved practica, you will learn to administer psychological and diagnostic tests and use various counseling and psychotherapy approaches with an emphasis in cognitive behavioral therapy.

Specialization in Neuropsychology

Specialize in neuropsychology while you complete the master's in clinical psychology program. The clinical neuropsychology subplan is also available for students with a master's or doctoral degree who desire training in neuropsychology. The sequence of courses includes brain functioning and neuroanatomy, diagnosis and neuropsychological assessment.

Classes You'll Take

Psychopathology and Diagnosis

Learn to diagnose mental and behavioral disorders using best practices in clinical psychology.

Psychological Assessment

Learn to administer and interpret clinical, cognitive and personality tests used in mental health settings.

Counseling Theories

Overview of theoretical approaches to counseling and psychotherapy with a focus on evidence-based cognitive behavioral methods.

This degree plan fulfills the educational requirements necessary to qualify for the Licensed Psychological Associate licensure from the Texas State Board of Examiners of Psychologists.

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