Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice

The criminal justice field encompasses a wide range of career options, from municipal law enforcement to border security to the federal court system to forensic science. Our criminal justice degree program will provide the knowledge and skills you’ll need to reach your career goals in the field.

Choose Your Specialization

In addition to the criminal justice generalist degree track, we offer three other high-demand tracks:

Homeland Security
Forensic Science
Juvenile Justice

Meet a Professor

Dr. Danielle Bailey

Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice

Dr. Bailey teaches social science research, forensic science and community corrections courses and coordinates the forensic science program, which she developed in 2015. Her recent research focuses on the impact of sex offender legislation on the lives of registered citizens and their family members. She has testified in front of the Texas House Committee on Urban Affairs and Nebraska Judiciary Committee based on her research. She also serves as criminal justice internship coordinator.

Recent graduates of our criminal justice program ranked in the top 10 percent of all criminal justice majors in the national field test.

Supporting Success

Networking Opportunities

Connect with criminal justice professionals through the UT Tyler Criminal Justice Student Association.

Capstone Experience

Develop a policy proposal to improve an existing program or solve a new problem.


Pursue a curriculum based on recommendations of the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences.

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