Mathematics MS

Mathematics MS

The master's degree in mathematics program is designed for those who want to teach, pursue a doctoral degree or step into expanding employment opportunities in the industry. Complete mathematics courses across a broad spectrum including algebra, analysis, applied math, probability and statistics. Focus on your areas of interest through coursework and thesis preparation. Study with professors who are widely published in professional journals addressing diverse mathematical challenges and pursue a broad range of research interests.

Graduate Student Research

Conduct research in your chosen area of interest. UT Tyler mathematics graduate student research includes: Aperiodic Protosets and the Tiling Problem; Some Properties of the Jones Polynomial; A Survey of Line Graphs and Hamiltonian Paths; Conformational Switching and Graph Grammar: Abstract Models of Self-Assembly; and Item Response Models for Dichotomous and Polytomous Data in the Context of Generalized Linear Models With Applications.

Supporting Your Success

Teaching Experience

Gain valuable teaching experience as a graduate teaching assistant leading math labs and introductory college courses.

Professional Development

Network with other career mathematicians in the campus student chapter of the Mathematical Association of America.

Directed Research

Choose to do directed research and a thesis, especially if you plan to pursue a PhD.

Proven Success

Nearly 100 percent of UT Tyler’s math graduates find employment or are accepted into doctoral programs within three months of graduation.

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