Doctor of Pharmacy

Doctor of Pharmacy

Earn the doctor of pharmacy (Pharm.D.) in one of few programs in the country centered around team-based learning. Instead of classroom lectures, you will engage in active learning on a student team throughout the curriculum. This enhances critical thinking and the application of content will prepare you to communicate effectively on a healthcare team – attributes of a successful pharmacist.

Meet a Student

Kabria Davis

Houston, Texas

Spring 2019

“I chose UT Tyler’s Ben and Maytee Fisch College of Pharmacy for its team-based curriculum. Having worked in a pharmacy before college, I knew extensive training in teamwork would be the best preparation for my future as a community pharmacist and administrator.”

Study in Leading-Edge Facilities

Home to Fisch College, W.T. Brookshire Hall was specifically designed to support the program’s innovative teaching methods. Featuring the latest technology in an elegant setting, W.T. Brookshire Hall includes team-based learning classrooms, the Brookshire Grocery Company Model Pharmacy and Compounding Laboratory, student collaboration and study areas, a café and more.

Benefit From Introductory Practice Experiences

Unlike most traditional programs, we provide practice experiences beginning in your first semester. During Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experiences, you will apply knowledge gained in the classroom and laboratories to patient care in actual healthcare settings, under the supervision of pharmacist preceptors. Your curriculum culminates in Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences during your final year.

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