HPC Memberships

UT Tyler Recreational Sports

Drop by the HPC Office with your faculty/staff ID or valid photo ID to sign up!

 Membership Pricing

Faculty/Staff (UT Health Included)** $20/Month
F/S Family Add-on (UT Health Included)** $20/Month
Alumni $40/Month or $100 for 3 months
Alumni Family Add-on $40/Month or $100 for 3 months
Retired Faculty/Staff $20/Month
Retired Faculty/Staff Spouse Add-on $20/Month
Military/Law Enforcement/Firefighter/EMS $40/Month or $100 for 3 months
Military/Law Enforcement/Firefighter/EMS Family Add-on $40/Month or $100 for 3 months     
Community $60/Month or $165 for 3 months
Community Family Add-on $60/Month or $165 for 3 months
Senior (Reduced Hours)* $30/Month or $80 for 3 months
Senior Spouse Add-On (Reduced Hours)* $30/Month or $80 for 3 months
Day Pass $10
Groups Day Pass (4 or more) $8
Small Locker $5/Month
Large Locker $10/Month
Towel Service $5/Month
































*Senior memberships have access to the HPC 6am-3pm Monday-Friday and unlimited access on weekends

**Click Here to set up Faculty/Staff Payroll deduction.

***Family add ons consist of spouse and/or dependent children 25 and under for all memberships except Senior


Student Pricing

Student Family Add on $75/semester 
Large Locker $20/semester
Small Locker $10/semester
Towels $20/semester








Memberships include access to the following

For more information on memberships, contact hpc@uttyler.edu