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Internal Research Support Program Request for Proposals

Office of Research and Technology Transfer

Forms: Cover Sheet, Application Form

The University of Texas at Tyler Internal Research Support Program (ISRP) was created to provide funds to faculty to build research capacity. The goal is to build UT Tyler research infrastructure and long-term fundable research areas. The ISRP program provides seed funding and it is expected that colleges/departments will leverage the award to broaden the impact.

Faculty may apply in one of four categories:

Category 1:

  • National Science Foundation
  • National Institutes of Health
  • Health and Human Services
  • Department of Homeland Security
  • Department of Defense
  • Environmental Protection Agency
  • National Aeronautics and Space Administration
  • Food and Drug Administration
  • National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
  • Department of Agriculture
  • Department of the Interior
  • Department of Education US Department of State
  • State Agencies

Category 2:

Proposals will also be accepted that lead to submissions to private funding sources. Many private grants require an invitation of institutional approval. Please check with ORTT before approaching a private foundation.

Category 3:

Proposals will also be accepted to develop research with industry. Of particular interest is the development of intellectual property that can lead to commercialization.

Category 4:

Collaborative proposals (multiple proposals in a research area) will be considered to establish research centers in the following areas:

    • Biomedical & Bioinformatics
    • Health-care
    • TxAIRE and Energy Management
    • Evaluation of External STEM Education Programs

Please meet with Dr. Odell if you are interested in a collaborative proposal prior to preparing a Category 4 proposal.

Category 5:

Proposals will be considered for a paid internship to a Department of Defense Laboratory. Partial summer salary, living stipend and travel will be allowed. Researchers considering submitting a Category 5 proposal should have a well-defined idea and specific location chosen for internship before submitting a proposal. If you are interested in developing a Category 5 proposal, please send an email to Dr. Odell (modell@uttyler.edu) to request a meeting.

Category 6:

  • National Institutes of Health Mentoring - $3,000
  • National Science Foundation Mentoring - $3,000

Submission and Award Details


March 28, 2017

Submission Instructions:

Cover sheet must be signed by the faculty investigator, department chair and dean.

Cover sheet must be uploaded at the time of submitting your proposal.


Review of proposals will occur in March 2017.

Faculty who receive funding will be notified by May 1, 2017. This will allow deans and chairs adequate time to find adjuncts.

Grant Period:

Research should be conducted Sept. 1, 2017 - July 31, 2018.

Anticipated Number of Awards:

Categories 1-3: 5-10 awards
Category 4: 1-2 awards
Category 5: 1-2 awards

Award Amounts:

Funded grants will vary by amount. In an effort to maximize research capacity the maximum award is $9,500.

Budget Breakdown:

    • Faculty Salary
      Up to $3,000 may be requested for a faculty member for released time. This will pay for an adjunct to teach the released course for one semester.
      • Fringe is calculated at 28%. ($840)
      • Salary + Fringe =$3,840
    • Supplies
      Up to $1,460 may be requested for supplies and consumables to complete the research. ORTT will not fund computers, IPADS, etc.
    • Travel
      Up to $1,000 may be requested for travel. Travel to professional society conferences will NOT be supported. Travel to support the research project or meet with potential funders will be considered. International travel will not be supported.
    • Research Support
      • Up to $3,200 may be requested to fund a UT Tyler student research assistant(s) to work on the research project with the faculty applicant.
      • 10% fringe to be added to base salary; maximum is $3,520 including fringe.
      • Students may not work more than 19.5 hours per week.

The total request for a single faculty member, if it includes student help, is $9,500.


All continuing, full-time faculty members are eligible to apply for funding. Preference will be given to:

    1. Tenure-track faculty in their first three years
    2. New faculty
    3. Tenured faculty
    4. Non-tenure track Research Faculty


Adjunct and other part-time faculty are not eligible for this funding. Any faculty member with current external funding over $10,000 is not eligible to apply for this program. Eligible faculty may only receive this funding once every three years.


All funded projects must be completed. All funded PI's MUST submit an application for external funding. In the event a proposal is not submitted for external funding the faculty members department will be ineligible for future awards until a proposal is submitted.

Additional Conditions:

    1. All support program recipients must agree to provide a public presentation on the funded research during the AY following the support completion at the Annual Faculty Research Day.
    2. The proposal must be complete and readable in order for the reviewers to evaluate it properly. The language of the proposal should be understandable by faculty members not familiar with your particular discipline or research area, yet must be technically detailed enough to describe the proposed work.
    3. Incomplete or late proposals, proposals not responsive to this announcement, and proposals that do not follow these guidelines will be returned to the investigator(s) without being reviewed.
    4. Faculty who have not submitted the required reports and other documents from previous funding will be deemed ineligible for future funding until those reports are submitted.
    5. Only one proposal may be considered from an individual faculty member per funding period.
    6. Only one faculty member may be identified as the Principal Investigator for a proposed project.
    7. Faculty selected for funding support must submit one hard and one electronic copy of a one-page Final Report of the results and benefits of the funded research to the ORTT by Sept. 30 following the support completion. Include in the report all major findings, grant applications, publications, and presentations derived from the funded work.
    8. Faculty MUST submit a proposal to an external agency.

Selection Committee:

The UT Tyler Research Council will make recommendations for the funding of this internal support. All support decisions are final.

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