Research Integrity Program

Research Integrity Program

Office of Research, Scholarship, and Sponsored Programs

The University of Texas at Tyler (UT Tyler), like all UT-System institutions, is committed to promoting a research community whose members faithfully adhere to high ethical standards of honesty and integrity. Our goal is to put in place a research integrity program to actively promote and support an ethical culture of research without inhibiting the productivity and creativity of the research community.

The Research Integrity Program will adhere to guidelines presented in 42 CFR Section 93, which state that we need to promote the responsible conduct of research in all research training and in all activities that relate to research or research training, as well as discourage misconduct and promptly deal with allegations of research misconduct.

As part of the Research Integrity Program, the Office of Research, Scholarship, and Sponsored Programs provides training required by certain sponsors such as National Science Foundation, US Dept. of Agriculture and National Institutes of Health. Responsible Conduct of Research is one of these required trainings and it is offered through The Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI Program). The USDA, NIH, NSF, and other Federal sponsors hold institutions responsible for verifying that appropriate research staff receive the requisite RCR training.

 Responsible Conduct of Research