Scholarship Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Will scholarship awards apply to tuition, fees, books, supplies, and housing?

    Yes, up to the value of the award.

  2. If I have a scholarship from a source outside of UT Tyler, where should the check be sent?

    Send correspondence and proceeds to the address listed at the bottom of the page with Attn: Enrollment Services Center. Be sure the student’s name and UT Tyler student ID number is on the check or included in an attached letter.

  3. If I have an outside scholarship/sponsorship and they would prefer to be billed or invoiced for the cost of my tuition, fees, books, etc., how do I coordinate that??

    The organization must submit a letter authorizing UT Tyler to bill them. The letter must include the student’s name, UT Tyler student ID number, the semester for sponsorship, and the charges that will be covered.
  4. How and when are awards applied to the student’s account?

    Students are notified of their scholarship awards via their patriot student email account. Scholarship awards will appear as a credit only on the student account until the “award confirmation date”. Please refer to the financial aid web site for calendar dates and other information.

  5. If I have monies left over on my account after everything is paid, will I get those monies?

    Yes. Once the student account is paid in full, remaining funds will be refunded based on the calendar dates on the Financial Aid Calendar. Refunds are processed through the student’s Patriot Card (P2 Card). Students will receive information on selecting their refund option to use the debit card or have a paper check mailed to their home address. The Office of Student Business Services (903.566.7227) can assist with issuing your card or answering questions in reference to refund options.

  6. Can I see my student account on-line?

    Yes. Students can access their accounts by logging on to myUTTyler. This system is password protected and will allow students to view their grades, financial aid awards, tuition and fee bill, class schedule, etc.
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