Helpful Hints

Office of Leadership & Service

Tips for Active Learning

  1. Be assertive! If you are not learning what you want or need at your placement, speak with your supervisor or site contact AND your professor. Your site representative will be able to better gear your work towards your learning objectives and your professor will be able to help you make connections between your site and your class.
  2. Stay on top of your assignments and your hours.
  3. Journal along the way, even if it is not required. It will help you write your final papers. You will remember more and be able to make stronger connections.
  4. Share your service learning experience in class, doing so will certainly enrich your learning experience!
  5. Learn about the population that you're working with. Gaining knowledge before you go will make working at your site much easier and more enjoyable.
  6. The connections that you can make are not limited to your placement and your class. Your experience will be relevant to your future career and your future involvement in the greater community. Service and/or Service Learning can be a great networking opportunity, make the most of it! You never know where it will take you.
  7. Set up times to interview staff members about issues you are dealing with in class. They may be able to offer you new insights and perspectives.