Office of Leadership and Service


There are a variety of ways students may choose to reach their service learning sites. Many projects will happen on the UT Tyler campus. However, students serving at agencies that are further from campus may choose to drive their own vehicles or carpool with other students. Regardless of how you get to and from your Service Learning site, certain safety precautions should be considered, especially when traveling alone, at night, or to unfamiliar areas.

When walking to and from a service learning site, always walk with a buddy. Walk on main paths in well-lit areas. Never take short cuts or walk through alleys. Do not carry valuables, and if you do, keep them hidden from sight.

When driving to service learning sites, know your route and confirm the address with the site coordinator beforehand. The coordinator will also be able to provide additional tips for traveling to their facility, as well as information regarding parking.

Always park in safe, well-lit areas. Hide any valuables out of sight, or lock in the trunk. Double check to make sure car windows are closed and doors are locked

Safety Concerns at Service Sites

First and foremost, begin by attending your sites orientation session. At several of our community partner sites, orientation is required before you can conduct service at the site. During these sessions you will review specific safety and operational protocols, meet agency staff, and receive a tour.

Each service learning site will have specific safety precautions to adhere to; however, generally it is ideal to:

  • Always wear appropriate clothing and shoes.
  • Never provide your personal information to, or accept a ride from clients at your site.
  • When leaving the site after dark, always walk with a buddy.
  • If you ride the bus or drive a vehicle to the site, ask an agency staff member to walk you to the bus stop or your car.

Staying Safe On and Off Campus

Whether you are participating in a service learning project on or off campus, please consider activating a safety alert on your Patriot Guardian app. To find out more information about this app please visit the Campus Police website.