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Soules College of Business Undergraduate Advising

The Soules Undergraduate Advising office is the one-stop-shop for student’s advising, learning and career planning needs. From freshman to senior, the Undergraduate Advising team offers the UT Tyler Soules College of Business students a personalized experience each step of the way. There are a number of services provided with an emphasis on advising, retention (student success) and career placement.

Academic Advising

Each Soules College of Business student will receive a personalized level of advising with one of our advisors specializing in each major. The advisors assist each student with creating a degree plan matched to their specific career goals. The process is continuous throughout the student’s education within the Soules College of Business, and is based on frequent personal contacts from an ARC advisor.

Academic Advising Services Provided

  • Academic Scheduling
  • Major/Minor Exploration
  • Course Guidance
  • Graduation Assistance

Student Services

Academic Advising Center | UT Tyler Soules College of Business

Student Success

We provide students with the tools to thrive in the college environment, starting with the freshman experience. All Soules College of Business freshmen participate in a Student Learning Community class (SLC), taught by a Soules College of Business academic advisor. This class focuses on study techniques, approaches to test-taking and time management skills to help ensure our students have a successful first year. Freshmen are also assigned an upperclassman peer mentor and a faculty mentor within their program to provide guidance and support throughout their first year of college.

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Student Success Services Provided

College Success Coaching (Student Learning Communities)
Freshmen Peer Mentoring
Freshmen Faculty Mentoring
Outreach to Academically At-risk Students
Information About Available Tutoring Resources

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Career Planning

Academic Advising Center Career Planning

Career Planning

The Undergraduate Advising team is committed to helping students find meaningful internships and gainful employment upon graduation. Through a collaborative effort with our Career Success department, a Soules Success Coach is available to help students prepare resumes, find internship and employment opportunities, and make the transition from student to professional. 

Career Planning Services Provided

Career Exploration
Internship Opportunities
Employment Opportunities
Resume Assistance
Soules College of Business Career Fair

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