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Fraternity Recruitment at UT Tyler is overseen by the Men’s Council. Our fraternity recruitment is different than it is at other schools. It is a chance for men interested to connect, learn about the organization’s history, mission, purpose, and identity on campus. This is different from a “rush” where interested students may feel pressured to decide on an organization that may or may not fit them long term. We want the men in our fraternities to make informed decisions by talking with current chapter members and taking time to make sure that the organization that they choose is right for them based upon involvement, engagement, and shared values.

So how does a person join a fraternity at UT Tyler?

Good question. One thing you should understand is that our fraternities can extend an invitation for membership (also known as a bid) at any time. However, first you need to be enrolled at UT Tyler and secondly you need to be academically eligible to join. This means that you have at least a 2.50 GPA in either high school or college. However, if you have prior college grades those will be used. Understand that some of our chapters may have a grade point average requirement above 2.50 but none of them will go lower than 2.50. 

In the fall, if you register with the council for our official recruitment, then a grade check will be done automatically as a part of registration. If you are moving through at any other time of the semester, then you will need to fill out a grade check form on Patriots Engage.  If you have questions about this, please contact the Greek Affairs Office.

After the Greek Affairs Office verifies that you are academically eligible and an enrolled student, you will then be presented with information on the moving forward in the recruitment process. This includes candidate rights and responsibilities.

It must be noted that all candidates must not be a member of a fraternity from a prior institution. 

It is the candidate’s responsibility to fill out and submit all required forms and paid any fees, if applicable. 

It is the chapter’s responsibility to ensure that all men submitted for membership have filled out all required forms and paid fees, if applicable.

When does recruitment start?

The Men's Council accepts applications from men who are interested in recruitment at any time. The Fall 2023 Men's Recruitment is scheduled for August 28th to September 1st. During that time, men who have registered for the process will be able to attend events held by the council and individual chapters. For more specific schedules and information, please visit Men's Council on Patriots Engage

After September 1, all chapters are expected and encouraged to engage in "informal" recruitment. 

Registration for official recruitment starts April 30, 2023 and will end on August 25, 2023.

What do I need to do to register?

You can register to be recruited at any time. For fall semester, we typically have an official recruitment geared toward those who want more information about all fraternities near the beginning of the fall just after classes begin. In the spring semester, the process is chapter by chapter.

We use Patriots Engage for our recruitment registration.  To use the form,  it is best if you  know your UT Tyler Patriot email and password. You’d then fill out the form using the instructions given. After being received, your form would then be reviewed to ensure that you meet the requirements, as stated above and your interest will be reported to the appropriate chapter(s).

During our "informal" recruitment process, if a chapter asks you to fill out a grade check form, that is also a form of registration and subject to the same eligibility requirements. If you fill out the recruitment registration to go through official Men's Recruitment, then you do not have to do the grade check form as these are good for an academic semester. 

What Next?

After you receive the approval to proceed in recruitment, your information will be provided to each chapter to connect with them and their members. If you like the chapter and the chapter feels like you would be a good addition to their chapter then they may formally ask you to join this is commonly known as a "bid". Candidates should only accept an invitation for membership from an organization if they are comfortable joining that organization. Membership is considered lifetime.  

Academic Appeals

There are times when men want to join a fraternity, but because of extenuating circumstances do not have the grade point average to do so. For this reason, we encourage men to apply for an appeal on the basis of academics. An appeal gives the Men's Council more information on a candidate’s specific situation and allows them to make a judgment as to whether a man will be able to go through recruitment. This does not guarantee the applicant will be granted an appeal, but it does give a student every opportunity to be able to potentially join a fraternity. Please email gogreek@uttyler.edu to get a copy of the form. Once completed, send it back.

Transfer Affiliation

If you are a transfer student who was initiated into a fraternity at another school, let us know! We currently offer these fraternities here at the University of Texas at Tyler: Alpha Tau Omega, FarmHouse, Kappa Sigma, and Sigma Alpha Epsilon. If you are a member of one of those fraternities you have the ability to affiliate with them here at UT Tyler, in accordance with the fraternity's rules. 

If you are a member of another fraternity which we do not currently have then come and talk to Greek Affairs! We may be able to bring your fraternity to campus!

Interested in NPHC Intake?

If you are interested in NPHC Intake? There is a different process for our Divine Nine organizations. For NPHC organization information click here.



Updated 4/21/2023