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What is Primary Recruitment?

Primary or "formal" recruitment is where Panhellenic chapters hold days of activities where potential new members (PNMs) are exposed to sorority life and have a chance to learn about each organization’s history, philanthropy, standards and identity on campus.

PNMs will also have the opportunity during this process to talk with current chapter members about their experiences. Primary recruitment is designed as a mutual selection process, where both the PNM and sorority hope to find the best fit for each woman who aspires to join.

What are the requirements for joining a sorority?

  1. Be an undergraduate student enrolled at UT Tyler.
  2. If you are coming to UT Tyler as a transfer, you cannot be, or ever have been, an initiated member of an NPC sorority. If you were a new member at a previous institution but were not initiated, you may be eligible to join an NPC organization at UT Tyler. Contact Greek Affairs if you have questions.
  3. If you have gone through recruitment at UT Tyler before and been pledged to an organization and dropped before initiation, then you must wait a calendar year before going through recruitment again. Please contact the office of Greek Affairs if you have questions about this policy.
  4. Submit all registration materials as stated above no later than the listed deadline.

We encourage any woman participating in primary recruitment to have a minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA (high school or college), as each sorority requires its members to maintain such a GPA.

Note: It is mandatory that PNMs attend all recruitment events for all of our sorority chapters during Primary. This is so the PNM can have the full experience and is able to make an educated, informed decision on where they want to be a member. If a PNM does not attend all recruitment functions during primary recruitment, then they will be ineligible to receive a bid.

When is Primary Recruitment?

Primary Recruitment is scheduled for August 19-25, 2024.

When does registration open?

Registration for Fall Primary Recruitment will open on April 28, 2024 at 1:00 am and will end August 4, 2024 at 11:59 pm

Please follow out Panhellenic Council Instagram @uttylerpan for the most up to date information on Panhellenic Recruitment.

What do you need to do to register for primary recruitment?

1. Register for primary recruitment through our online registration system. We use a system called "ICS" to manage our sorority recruitment registration. You will complete the recruitment form in order to fully register for recruitment. Please complete the form in full.

Click Here To Register

2. Pay the nonrefundable recruitment registration fee (processed at the end of online registration.) You will be able to log back in to ICS to update your profile or pay at a later date, but your registration will not be complete until the payment is processed. There is a $75 fee to register for recruitment. This fee covers your recruitment t-shirt, food during events, and other recruitment related costs. This fee is nonrefundable.  There is also a $5 fee for the technology vendor we use for a total of $80. 

Since Recruitment is before school, does that mean we get to move in early?

Generally, yes. However, the potential new member must already be signed up for housing on campus prior to registering for recruitment and be officially placed in a housing assignment by the Office of Residence Life and Housing.

Please note:  Registering for recruitment does not guarantee you a housing assignment if you have not signed up to live in on campus housing. Early move in is only for those who have an on campus housing assignment

If you sign up for recruitment after July 30th or do not have a housing assignment, then you will have to make your own arrangements for housing during primary recruitment but on campus housing is not required to go through primary recruitment.

The registration cutoff date for everyone desiring to attend sorority recruitment is August 4th at 11:59 pm.

This year early move in will be Monday, August 19th 2024 from 10 am to 4 pm.

What's next?

Our Panhellenic recruitment staff will be hosting a number of events where potential new members can meet and learn more about Panhellenic sororities.

All women who have registered for primary recruitment must attend a mandatory session, "PNM Orientation" and have an opportunity to meet and get to know your recruitment counselor (also known as a Gamma Chi) at "Meet Your Gamma Chi". During this time, you will meet your recruitment counselors, learn the rules and what to wear, and get answers to any questions that you may have! We will be providing information on what to wear for recruitment via email to each PNM and also online.

After that, PNMs can have up to three days of "rounds", sometimes called "parties" or "functions". These are simply opportunities where you will meet sorority women, have values based conversations and learn more about sorority life. Your Gamma Chi will be able to help you prepare for those rounds. 

Continuous Open Bidding

If you decide not to participate in primary recruitment and/or join a sorority, there may be an opportunity to join a chapter through in Continuous Open Bidding, or COB in the spring semester.

This only occurs if there are spots available, so please contact the Office of Greek Affairs if you have questions about this process and would like more information. We can tell you which chapters are eligible to COB, if any. 

Transfer Affiliation

If you are a transfer student who was initiated into a sorority at another school, let us know! We currently have three NPC sororities here at the University of Texas at Tyler: Alpha Chi Omega, Delta Gamma, and Zeta Tau Alpha. If you are a member of one of those sororities, then you may have the ability to affiliate with them here at UT Tyler, in accordance with the organizations rules. 

Interested in NPHC Intake?

If you are interested in Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. There is a different process for our Divine Nine organizations. For NPHC organization information click here.

Updated: 7/8/2024