How Faculty and Staff Can Support a Student in Recovery

Center for Students in Recovery

Information for Faculty and Staff

For many students, a faculty or staff member may be the first to realize when something is not right. If you have concerns about a student potentially experiencing substance use issues, you can help by submitting a CARE report, or by simply letting the student know where they can go for help. Our office is always open to students who are seeking help, and we typically respond to all phone and email queries within the same business day.

At times, we may also receive requests from faculty and staff for their own support.  We are here for you as well.  You can schedule an appointment to speak with a recovery coach or contact us for consultation or recovery referrals. If social media is more comfortable for you, you can also reach out to us via direct message on Instagram or Facebook. Your involvement with this office will not be disclosed to any other employee or UPD, and we would love to help however we can.