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Pool Rentals at the HPC

  • A pool party during regular business hours cannot exceed 20 people
  • All pool party requests must be for a minimum of two hours
  • Bringing 10 or more people to the pool is considered a pool party
  • UT Tyler students, faculty and staff will receive 20% discount on pool parties
  • UT Tyler departments & student organizations will receive 50% discount

During regular business hours:

Pool Party - $200 

This event includes the reservation for all your guests and access to tables and chairs provided on the pool deck. Invite your friends to hang out, and enjoy watching your kids have some fun on a beautiful summer day. Each additional hour will be charged at $100 per hour. 

After regular business hours:

Pool Party - $300

In addition to all the amenities from the pool party during business hours, you will be able to enjoy the pool deck all to yourself with the HPC radio playing after hours. Private parties can only be held after regular business hours, before or after. Each additional hour will be charged at $100 per hour. 

 Requirements for reservations:

1. Full payment must be made in order to confirm scheduling.  You may submit an online request (see below) or in-person. 

2. All participants must agree to the facility policies and sign the release statement upon entering the facility (located at the HPC front desk) even if they are not intending to get in the water. 

Hours of Operation

Pool Party and Pool Rental Policies and Procedures

Event Personal Release Statement

How to request a pool rental online:

  1. Pool Rental Request
  2. After you open the webpage above, please select "Request an Event" 
  3. Select "Pool Parties - External Request Form" from the drop down menu
  4. Complete and submit the required information and our staff will contact you. 


For more information please contact the HPC Office, hpc@uttyler.edu or 903.566.7466.