Arrival Information

Office of International Programs

Arrival Information

Please present the following documents to the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officer at the U.S. port of entry:

  • Passport(s) containing a valid J-1 visa (or J-2 visas for accompanying family members).
  • Signed Form DS-2019(s) for you and any accompanying family members.
  • I-94 card(s), which are distributed on the airplane before landing may not be issued in some cases
  • Recommended: Proof of financial support (same as the document presented at the U.S. Embassy or Consulate).
  • Recommended: Invitation letter from the sponsoring department at The University of Texas at Tyler.

The CBP officer should return to you:

  • Passport(s).
  • Stamped Form(s) DS-2019 for you and any accompanying family members.
  • Stamped I-94 card. Please check that your I-94 card has the notation "J-1 D/S" (stands for "duration of status") and I-94 cards of any accompanying family members have the notation "J-2 D/S" on them. I-94 cards may not be issued in some cases.

Note: If you notice a discrepancy, please be sure to address it with the CBP officer immediately as it may be difficult to make any correction to I-94 cards once you leave the port of entry. Do not lose your I-94 card(s), which prove that you entered legally.

  • Any of the recommended documents that you provided in support at your consular visa appointment.