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Discovering Global Health

India is typically not one of the countries that you first think of when talking about studying abroad. However, it is a culturally rich country where you will always find an opportunity to learn.

In nursing school, the opportunities to study abroad are rare. This 10 day program was the perfect opportunity for me to go abroad and study something that I was interested in. My main goal for this program was to learn how to be more culturally competent as a nursing student and future nurse. India has recently been ranked as the country with the largest population in the world. Therefore, I am certain that, at some point in my career, I will encounter patients that call India their home. I believe that I am now better equipped with the knowledge to help them than I was before. Traveling to India was a mind blowing experience that I would encourage everybody interested in the healthcare field to consider.

I know that money is a big concern when it comes to studying abroad. There are many scholarship opportunities out there that are just waiting to be found such as the Benjamin A. Gilman scholarship or Fund for Education Abroad. UT Tyler also has their own scholarships specifically reserved for those who wish to study abroad. It requires time and effort, but there are resources that can help you lower the costs of studying abroad. If you have no clue where to start, your best bet would be to contact the Office of International Programs!

My biggest advice to you is: take the leap and immerse yourself in a new culture. FInd the opportunity to study or intern abroad and learn about other cultures as well as what makes your chosen degree unique in that country. It is unbelievable how much you can learn and how much your perspective may change when you have the opportunity to visit another country and learn about their culture!

This post was contributed by Daira, a study abroad alumni from Summer 2023. Daira is a Nursing major who went abroad as a part of UT Tyler Faculty Led Global Health program to India.