Initiate a Short-Term Program

Leading Students Abroad

Initiate a Faculty-led Program

UT Tyler faculty-led programs are designed to encourage a variety of students to study abroad. These opportunities would not be possible without the dedication, passion and tireless effort of the faculty who lead these programs. Faculty are key to the sustainable success of study abroad at UT Tyler and have tremendous influence on students' learning and development.

What is a faculty-led program? Faculty-led programs are credit-bearing, short-term international experiences designed for students by UT Tyler faculty. Typically, faculty-led programs are offered during the summer term and vary in duration, i.e. 1 to 8-weeks long. Faculty-led programs must meet an enrollment minimum of 10 students.

Who may lead a faculty-led program? UT Tyler faculty-led programs must be directly facilitated by UT Tyler faculty (e.g., Specialist, Lecturer, Instructor, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Clinical Professor, Professor).

Getting Started

  1. Meet with OIP. During this meeting, we will discuss the program development process and timeline.
  2. Submit a Faculty-led Interest Form. Complete this form with as many details as possible. Once you submit this form, OIP will reach out to our affiliate partners for a draft program itinerary. A draft itinerary typically takes 4-weeks to be received. After that, OIP will meet with you to discuss the program itineraries and any desired revisions. Once the program itinerary is finalized, OIP will request a program agreement.
  3. Submit a Faculty-led Program Proposal. On this form you will be required to upload the program agreement  and tentative course syllabus. After the proposal receives final approval from the Office of the Provost, faculty can officially begin student recruitment.
  4. Recruit student participants. Faculty are encouraged to promote their faculty-led programs in their classrooms, discuss it with their colleagues, and present to their departments. OIP will also invite faculty to promote at Study Abroad Fairs, cultural events, information sessions, etc.


Faculty interested in leading study abroad will receive guidance and support from the OIP and affiliate partners throughout the entire process.

OIP Support

• Affiliate Partnerships

• Promotional Material

• Program Recruitment

• Dedicated Program Website

• Student Advising

• Emergency Support

• Pre-Departure Orientation

Study Abroad Scholarships

Passport Services

Affiliate Partner Support

• Sample Itineraries for first time faculty leaders

Academic Experiences Abroad (AEA)

Cultural Experiences Abroad (CEA)

Institute for Study Abroad (IFSA)

International Studies Abroad (ISA) Worldstrides

Study Abroad Association (SAA)

• Logistical Support

• Pre-Arrival Material, i.e. itineraries, guides, and insurance information

• 24/7 Emergency Support & Crisis Management Preparedness