Funding Study Abroad

Funding Study Abroad

Study Abroad

If you are thinking about studying abroad or have already decided to do so, you may be concerned about how you will fund the experience. We frequently hear from students that the program cost is a primary factor in deciding whether they are able to pursue studying abroad. 

Now no two programs are the same, and program costs reflect these differences. Programs vary widely in cost, so it is likely that there is a program for every budget. Sometimes studying abroad is no more expensive than studying on-campus and other times the cost can be higher. 

We encourage all students to:

1. Determine your budget.

Track daily expenses here in Tyler for at least 1 month (include all expenses).

Fill out the Study Abroad Budget Worksheet, comparing the cost of being in Tyler to studying abroad.

2. Research study abroad programs and identify those that meet your budget.

Be sure to check which items are included in the program fee. Sometimes amenities such as housing and food are included.

Consider other potential costs such as airfare and cost of living which may not be reflected in the program fee.

3. Complete the FAFSA application.

4. Meet with the Office of Financial Aid and the Center for Student Financial Wellness.

5. Apply for study abroad scholarships.

6. Use creative funding ideas

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