The Small Moments in Big Places

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The Small Moments in Big Places

Growing up in a small town in East Texas, it becomes easy to underestimate just how big the world is. Images ofphone the Eiffel Tower or Big Ben seem to pop up so often that we become almost desensitized to the wonderment of it all. After having the opportunity to experience London, Paris, and Berlin through a study abroad program, I can now say that I understand why people romanticize these foreign wonders. 


I often hear people mention the amazement they felt when they saw one of the great monuments of a city, however, I found myself appreciating the smaller moments more. Moments like having to learn new phrases in every country. Moments like making friends in the bunk beds of your hostel when you know you should be asleep. There are an infinite number of these occasions that seem to be so minuscule in the grand scope of this program, but to me, these moments mean almost more. It is in these unplanned, raw moments that you learn the most about yourself and the people around you. 


It is such a privilege to be able to say that I partook in this program. I understand that a small percentage of people will be able to say that they've done the same. Whether you are thinking of joining a study abroad program because it has been a long time dream or you are just joining because it may boost your resume: Do it. I promise you that you will take more from this experience than you may first intend. You will not only have the opportunity to learn about a concept in an interactive way, but you will also learn a great deal about yourself. You will not return home as the same person who came, and I mean that in the best way possible. 






This post was contributed by Julia, a study abroad alumni from Summer 2023. Julia is an Economics major with a Mathematics minor who went abroad as a part of the UT Tyler Faculty Led Political Science program to Europe.