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Title IX

The University of Texas at Tyler

Title IX States:

"No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving federal finance assistance."

Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is a form of sex discrimination under Title VII of the Civil Rights ACT of 1964.

Sexual Harassment is defined as unwelcome, unreciprocated and unwanted sexual attention, gestures or touching, occurring to an extent in which they adversely interfere with your life because of their severity and persistence.

The UT Tyler harassment policy states:

"The University of Texas at Tyler is committed to the principle that the university's learning and working environment be free from inappropriate conduct of a sexual nature. Sexual harassment in any form will not be tolerated and individuals who engage in such conduct will be subjected to disciplinary action," whether on or off campus.

Examples of Sexual Harassment

  • Sexual jokes, gestures, comments or looks (repeated and unwanted, or to the extent of creating a hostile and/or threatening environment).
  • Forced or coerced sex act, including instances in which a person is incapable of giving consent due to use of drugs or alcohol, or due to disability.
  • Spying on someone or following someone in sexual way.
  • Forced kissing.
  • Spreading sexual messages about someone on social media.
  • Calling someone homophobic names.
  • Making unwelcome sexual advances to a student.
  • Public sexual indecency against a student.
  • Continuing to express sexual interest in a student after being informed the interest is unwelcome.
  • Nonconsensual touching or groping, including unwanted hugging or shoulder rubbing.
Title IX Coordinators

For more information or to make a complaint regarding sexual harassment, please contact:

Ben Carter
Deputy Title IX Coordinator
Office of Human Resources
Phone: 903.565.5968
Email: bcarter@uttyler.edu

Ona Tolliver
Deputy Title IX Coordinator
Assistant Vice President for
Student Affairs and Dean of Students
Phone: 903.565.5651
Email: otolliver@uttyler.edu

Stefani Webb
Deputy Title IX Coordinator
Phone: 903.565.5980
Email: swebb@uttyler.edu

David Hill
Title IX Investigator
Residence Life & Judicial Affairs
Phone: 903.566.7028
Email: dhill@uttyler.edu

Toby Wilkerson
Title IX Investigator
Residence Life
Phone: 903.566.9200
Email: twilkerson@uttyler.edu

Blake Bumbard
Title IX Coordinator
Office of Title IX
Phone: 903.565.5760
Email: bbumbard@uttyler.edu

Elizabeth McMinn
Title IX Investigator
Office of Title IX
Phone: 903.566.6189
Email: emcminn@uttyler.edu

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