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Wednesday, October 7

Downloadable Responsive Design Migration Guide

Online Responsive Design Migration Guide

Monday, October 26

REMINDER: User access to OU Campus will be restricted beginning Monday, November 2. Department websites that do not comply with the Responsive Design Migration Guidelines could result in your departmental website no longer being available upon site migration.

If you have not yet done so, please review each section of the Responsive Design Migration Guide and make the appropriate updates needed to bring your site up to compliance prior to November 2.

IMPORTANT: Documents (Images, PDF, Word, etc.) not linked with dependency tags will be removed from the server. Remember, documents are CASE sensitive when adding links.

Please take the time to assure EACH and EVERY file and image are linked properly with dependency tags, all documents are named properly with generic file names, duplicate documents are deleted, all broken links have been corrected and all files are backed up within your department.

Following each of these steps below will ensure your content is ready for migration:

The Web team will NOT be responsible for any documents or web pages that are no longer available because these guidelines were not followed.

If you have any questions about your website content, please email us at

As always, thank you so much for your hard work!
UT Tyler Web Team

 Tuesday, October 20

Thank you for your continued efforts in preparing department website content for migration. We have THREE important items that need to be taken care of prior to scheduling each department site for migration.

  1. Broken Links: Last week we emailed the latest broken link report to each of you. If you have not done so, please review the document and correct any broken links within your site. ONLY pages with “broken” next to the webpage need to be reviewed. You can ignore “warning” and “info”. We will re-scan the site prior to the OCT 30 cut-off. Only sites that have been updated and are free of broken links will be scheduled for review. (NOTE: Periodically, the report may report a false broken link. Please review each link closely to assure it is linking to the correct information.) Learn how to run Page Check to find broken links:
  2. Updating PDF/Word Documents: As mentioned several times, ALL unused PDF/WORD documents must be deleted prior to migration. If you have not reviewed your files folder, please follow the steps to assure each PDF/WORD file is in-use, named properly and using the dependency tag. All PDF/WORD documents residing in the top-level directory of your site will NOT migrate. Remember, any file that is in-use, but is NOT linked with the dependency tag, will also be deleted prior to migration. This could result in a broken link, and loss of the file.
  1. Images: We have set up a path for each user to update the images within your images folder. Again, only images linked with dependency tags will be migrated to the new website. Please review this page closely for instructions on deleting unused images: . (If you are unable to access your images, send an email to
    Please remember to delete all buttons and replace with a text hyperlink: Buttons currently in use will not transfer to the responsive design. (If any buttons are left in place, they will be removed prior to migration.) After the website launch, you can schedule a time with the Web team to add appropriate, responsive design buttons to your site.

IMPORTANT: Any PDF/WORD document or image that does not link with a dependency tag WILL be deleted within OU Campus after the OCT 30 deadline.

Thanks so much to each of you for taking the time to prepare your content for migration to responsive design. Please continue to review the online Responsive Design Migration Guide.

If you have any questions at all regarding this list, please email us at We are very excited to assist each of you with building a newly designed responsive website for your department.

UT Tyler Web Team

Friday, October 16

To expedite the updates needed prior to OCT 30, each of the following must be followed:

Broken Links: Please review the Broken Links report attached to this email.  Review the document closely to see if your department is listed. Once your department is located, scan over to column C, and look for the word “broken”.  Column B will show what URL is no longer working on your page, and column A will show the page with the broken link. NOTE: Sites with numerous broken links will not be scheduled for migration to the new site.

PDF/Word Documents: Please move any documents other the .pcf files from the top level directory. Delete all unused files, and move the files in use to the “files” or “documents” folder. Please review and delete all unused documents. Name all files with a generic filename. Document folders not following these guidelines will not be scheduled for migration to the new site.

Images: Please remove all unused and duplicate images. Please remove any buttons on the pages and replace with a text hyperlink. For accessibility, images that contain text must be removed, and the text placed on the webpage. After migration, departments can schedule a time with the web team to place appropriate buttons on pages.

NOTE: Some departments have already received an independent email regarding updates needed. Due to the tight timeline, we wanted to make sure each department is up-to-date on what is required prior to migration.

Monday, October 12

The Web team is in the process of reviewing each department website directory in OU Campus to pinpoint important updates needed according to the Responsive Design Migration Guide sent out last week.

If you receive an email from the Web team, please understand how very important it is to review this email and make the noted changes as quickly as possible.

If you have any questions regarding the updates requested, or the Responsive Design Migration Guide, please email and we will assist you with the process.

Friday, October 9

Earlier this week, we sent out the downloadable UT Tyler Responsive Design Migration Guide. The document is available for download on the Web Communications website.You can also visit the online version for a more detailed breakdown.

We ask that all users make the necessary changes as soon as possible to assist us with the short time frame. Over the next few weeks, we (the web team) will  begin reviewing content across the web. To prevent a delay in migrating each department site, we will begin making necessary changes needed by  either updating department web page content, or sending an email to the OU Campus user responsible for the content. 

If a page within your department is edited in preparation for migration, a note will be made in the “versions” description: 

Please review the Responsive Design Checklist. If you have any questions, we ask that you email them to We will answer them for you as soon as possible.

Again, we truly appreciate each of you taking the time to prepare our website for this exciting change!


Wednesday, September 23

Thank you for continuing to update your website content. Please review the following notes:

  1. Any content updated prior to the deadline will be migrated to the new website.
  2. Please remember NOT to duplicate content from one portion of the web to another. This includes the catalog. Instead, please link directly to the content.

Thanks, Web Team.

Thursday, September 10

With the directive to redesign and launch the website on a short timeframe,  the web team is up against a very tight deadline. Please understand if we are unable to respond to emails and requests as usual.

It is important to keep in mind that the new website will allow you to make updates to images, rotators and more. We ask that users please hold off on requesting design changes such as images and style or requesting new website/pages.

We sincerely appreciate your patience!

UT Tyler Web Team

P.S. Continue to watch for detailed updates regarding the new responsive website.

Wednesday, September 9

The UT Tyler Web team is in the process of building the newly designed UT Tyler responsive website, scheduled for launch in January 2016. In order to meet this deadline, the Web team will be required to focus all of its attention to the design, programming and content of the new templates. As a result, there will be very limited technical support during this time.

This will also require suspending the website beginning Monday Nov. 2. This means no changes can be made to your sites after this date as we move content into the new site.

In preparation for this suspension, please take the time to review the following and make the appropriate updates to your site by Friday, Oct. 30:

  • Content updates are the responsibility of each department. For online technical support, please refer to the  UT Tyler OU Campus online help documents .
  • Please remove all unapproved images, buttons, arrows, mouseovers, span/div tags, etc.
  • Please move ANY PDF/Word files residing in your main folder into the appropriate “files” or “documents” folder. Please delete all unused files.

NOTE: PDF/Word Files residing at the top level of your site will NOT be moved to the new site. (example:  NOT:

  • Please delete all unused files including PDF/Word documents and unused .php/pcf files (web pages), including blank pages and old pages.
  • OU Campus will be disabled on Friday, Oct. 30 and will resume upon launch of the new website.

Because we will be providing limited tech support, new user set-up, training and new websites will be placed on hold until after the new website launch.

Requests can be submitted to the Web team through Friday, Oct. 16. The Web team will reserve Fridays (Sept. 11 – Oct. 16) to respond to as many requests as possible. Requests should be emailed to

OU Campus responsive design template training sessions will be offered after the first of the year.

Please watch this space for upcoming information regarding responsive design, UT Tyler website timeline and more.

Thank you,

UT Tyler Web Team



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