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The glossary contains a list of frequently used words and acronyms related to OmniUpdate and the OU Campus system.

Accessibility Check
Validation available to ensure web accessibility compliance, including WCAG 1.0 and 2.0 (all levels), Section 508, Stanca Act, and BITV 1.0.

A user that has been assigned to approve pages for another user.

Asset (assets,asset,Assets)
A reusable piece of content (text, code, form, or image gallery) that can be placed on many pages. When an asset is edited and published, all subscribing pages are automatically published with the changes.

Access control where a page currently being edited is checked out and not available for others to edit. The page is checked in upon cancellation of the edit or publishing of the page.

Content Management System. OmniUpdate's OU Campus is the number one CMS for Higher Education.

Area in OU Campus that includes Workflow, Current Projects, Broken Pages, and Settings/Preferences (for a user).

When specific or all pages are checked, you can use the delete option to delete pages (depending on user permission).

Dependency Manager (DM)
An OU Campus feature that manages links. (New to the UT Tyler CMS with version 10.)

Final Check
Administrators have the ability to enforce spell checking, link checking, W3C validation checking, and/or accessibility checking before a page is published.

Friendly URL
The URL designator for a web page that is composed of human readable text, as opposed to unintelligible strings of characters, usually with meaning only in a database structure.

LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol)
Used to simplify the maintenance of user login information for multiple services. Active Directory uses the LDAP protocols and is often used synonymously with LDAP.

Log out of OU Campus.

Location: (top / department name/)
Location of files and folders listed under “name”.

Used to create new pages and folders (depending on user permission).

When specific or all pages are checked, you can use the move option to relocate pages to another directory (depending on user permission).

Multi-Browser Preview
The ability to display a preview of a web page in different browsers and different platforms before publishing.

My Checked-Out Content
My Checked-Out Content displays a list of all the pages currently checked out to the user.

A list of OU Campus files and directories.

Production Server
List of .pcf pages (published .php files), folders and binary files (jpg, png, gif, swf, pdf, doc, etc).

Quick Search
The ability to index and offer a look-up search field to find pages on the website that match the search criteria.

Recent Publishes
recently published pages within OU Campus (all users).

Recent Saves
recently saved pages within OU Campus (all users).

A WYSIWYG feature to save by performing: CTRL+S (CMD+S for Macintosh).

Settings/Preferences allows users to see the current configuration of their user information.

List of editable OU Campus pages and folders on the staging server.

Structured documents that indicate how text will conform to a specified format.

Used to upload your own binary files.

Light Bulb Icon
Used to check in and out pages. Once a page is checked out, OU Campus will give you more options for that page.

Publish icon
Used to publish pages to the production server. Published pages are live to the internet.

Used to revert a page to a previously saved version of that page.

Re-usable content insertable from the WYSIWYG Editor.

A web CMS requirement that allows certain tasks to be done in a specified manner, subject to certain approvals. Also, emailing in OU Campus.

WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get)
An editing approach supported by web CMS that enables the user to view and edit content in context of the entire page.

Zip Import
Users can upload a single zip file containing multiple files.

Editing Pages
You can edit a page by clicking on the name of the page you wish to edit (index.pcf). Clicking the edit button will allow you to edit that region. Users are only authorized to edit the main content well of the webpage. Navigation sections have restricted access. Once you click on the edit button (green edit box), OU Campus will bring up the Editor.

save icon
Used to save changes you have made to this region

unordered list icon
used to create a bulleted list

ordered list icon
used to create a numbered list

link icon
creates a link to the hightlighted text

email link
creates an email link to the hightlighted text

break a link icon
removes a link from the highlighted text

anchor icon
creates a link within a page (ie: back to top)
an anchor is created, then linked to using the link tool

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