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More About Writing for the Web


Spelling errors are annoying and can make your content difficult to understand. Basic errors also implicitly indicate you do not care much about you're writing, so why should you're readers?


Keeping content up to date is important. Check your pages often. Outdated content will lower traffic.


Use the full name of the organization or phrase as a first reference, then include the acronym parenthetically.

Word Choice

There is no reason to show off with overly loquacious words. Writing for the web does not mean dumbing down an informative article to a third-grade reading level, but it does mean keeping that demographic of 8-year-olds in mind. The internet contains millions of pieces of information just waiting to be tripped over, but readers shouldn't have to look up the meaning of a complicated web article on...well...the internet.


Do not fill your pages with marketing "fluff" or needless formalities. Use adjectives and adverbs sparingly. Using exaggerated and boastful language reduces the likelihood that your content will be read and believed. 

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