Chloe Dix ’25

April 1, 2024

We all seek a community where we can thrive, feel supported and grow into our best selves.


Chloe Dix immediately identified these attributes while visiting The University of Texas at Tyler for an official athletic tour, enthralled by the campus’s beauty and engaged, involved student body.

Her instincts proved right. Dix began her journey at UT Tyler in the Soules College of Business before switching to the College of Arts and Sciences as a junior to study English. There, she immersed herself in writing and literature, with her instructors and fellow students encouraging her progress and exploration of this discipline. After completing her bachelor’s in 2023, Dix returned to UT Tyler, this time to earn a Master of Arts in English and embark on a career in editing and publishing.

Along with uncovering her calling, Dix strengthened her leadership potential through two avenues. For all four years as an undergraduate, she played on the women’s tennis team, where she not only excelled in singles and doubles matches but also steered its direction as team captain and, during her senior year, as president of the Student Athletic Advisement Committee.

While initially hesitant to participate, Dix took the plunge during her junior year and joined the Student Government Association, serving as a liaison between faculty, staff, the administration and students. From here, she assumed a greater role as the organization’s secretary, managing both its Instagram account and website, and then successfully ran for president once she returned for her master’s.

Why did you decide to attend UT Tyler?

I fell in love with the people and the atmosphere. It has a very homey feel, and the tennis team was really supportive. The upperclassmen took me under their wing and showed me the ropes. I was really lucky to have that.

How has UT Tyler’s English program supported you?

My professors are always really reassuring, and they’re always willing to work with me. I go to office hours, and they provide me with all the help that I need.

Why did you join SGA? How did you balance responsibilities with leading the women’s tennis team?

When I first joined SGA, I was hesitant because I wanted to make sure I could give it my all. I’ve learned that open communication always works the best. It’s shown me that you really can do it all.

What has been the highlight of your time in SGA so far?

I was only the second SGA president to speak at convocation. That’s going to resonate with me for the rest of my life.

How has UT Tyler prepared you for your career?

My professors know my writing, my personality and my schedule. So, I'd say that I have them to thank for feeling prepared and confident to enter the workforce.

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