Macy Reed ’27

April 1, 2024

In thinking about their futures, many evaluate majors in relation to career paths. A few go beyond, thinking about roles where they can give back to their communities. For Macy Reed, the School of Medicine’s values inspired her to pursue a career in patient care, starting from her undergraduate degree.

Macy ReedGrowing up in the region, Reed began her journey in The University of Texas at Tyler’s biology program, enrolling as a pre-med student. Early on, shadowing and volunteering confirmed her decision to embark on a career serving others through medical care.

From this point, Reed decided to apply to the UT Tyler School of Medicine. The school, created to graduate professionals prepared to improve health outcomes in the region through research and improved care access, provided the chance for Reed to reach her goal closer to home. Since enrolling in the School of Medicine, she has found a welcoming, encouraging community, support as she prepares for her national exams, and looks ahead toward a residency assignment and service opportunities with the area’s health system and community partners.

What has been your favorite memory on campus so far?

My favorite memory on campus so far has been the academic house competitions that took place during welcome week. Each student was sorted into an academic house (Harry Potter style), then throughout welcome week, we had the chance to compete among each other through various games and challenges. Our academic houses provided a strong community from day one of medical school, building a strong camaraderie among each other and a sense of belonging at the SOM.

What drew you to UT Tyler?

Growing up in East Texas, I was so excited to hear about the plans for the UT Tyler School of Medicine, which would allow me to stay close to home and give back to my community while pursuing a medical degree. My decision to attend medical school in East Texas allowed me to have the continued support of family and friends, as well as access to service opportunities within our strong hospital systems and community partners. Attending UT Tyler has allowed me to be a part of a huge step toward meeting the needs of the East Texas community and also allowed me to encourage other students to pursue their career and education goals here in Tyler.

What interested you about your major?

I decided to pursue an undergraduate degree that would prepare me for medical school and considered several different pre-med programs. Ultimately, I chose to attend UT Tyler and complete a biology degree. I pursued a degree in biology to prepare me for medical school and fell in love with biological and medical sciences throughout my studies. Soon after starting college, my desire to become a physician was reaffirmed through not only my academics but also the shadowing and volunteering opportunities made available through the biology and pre-health professional departments at UT Tyler.

What has been unique about your experience so far, including inside and outside of the classroom?

As part of the inaugural class at the UT Tyler School of Medicine, the entire process has been a new, exciting and very unique experience. The faculty and staff have been so welcoming and receptive to the needs of the students and our feedback as we all navigate a new and innovative curriculum. With only 40 students in the first class, we have an incredibly supportive and tight-knit community on campus, with constant encouragement from one another as well as our faculty.

UT Tyler emphasizes career preparation and hands-on learning: What types of opportunities have you participated in (internships, research or travel study, for example), and what have you learned?

At the SOM, the Office of Student Affairs has provided us with many great resources to help us prepare for our curriculum and national exams, along with many opportunities to engage with our community and network with individuals within the field of medicine. We also all engage in a longitudinal scholarly research project over the course of our four years of medical school. This research project allows students to explore their research interests and identify a mentor through the SOM who will guide us through the development and implementation of a scholarly activity.

The SOM encourages students to engage in additional research, volunteer, and shadowing opportunities and provides all of the guidance and support needed to work those activities in with our coursework.

Have you been involved in any campus organizations or activities?

I currently serve as the Vice President of the Student Senate at the SOM, where we serve alongside our faculty to promote the interests and serve as a voice of the students. The Senate plans and implements resources that will support the development of student interest groups encompassing a variety of specialties. Our academic houses also provide a great outlet for students to get together outside of the classroom setting and spend time enjoying new activities with one another.

What are your goals or aspirations following graduation?

After I graduate from medical school, I hope to continue my education in East Texas and complete my residency training close to home. After residency, I plan to remain in East Texas, where I can serve my community as a physician and work alongside our medical workforce to increase access to healthcare throughout East Texas. During both the course of medical school and residency, I hope to grow into a practitioner with a focus on preventive medicine and disease prevention. I also hope to be involved in the academic side of medicine, circling back to serve the UT Tyler SOM and raising the future generations of physicians in our community.

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