Bachelors of Science in Chemistry- Fermentation Science

Bachelors of Science In Chemistry with Fermentation Science Emphasis

Undergraduate Program

Learn by doing with hands-on production of fermented foods and beverages. From growing raw materials to bottling a finished product, the Fermentation Science courses will not only teach you the start-to-finish processes of making various consumables but also give you the opportunity to make them yourself with state-of-the-art, pilot scale equipment. Though the focus of these courses will be rooted in Chemistry and Microbiology, collaborations with local business leaders will expose students to the Finance, Business, and Marketing aspects of operating a fermented food/beverage company. All of this can prepare students for potential careers in the field of Fermentation Science or simply provide the knowledge necessary for hobby-scale production.

Degree Requirements (Fermentation Science Emphasis)

Course descriptions and requirements can be found here:

Chemistry of Brewing

Chemistry of Brewing Laboratory

Chemistry of Winemaking

Chemistry of Winemaking Laboratory

Chemical Principles of Fermentation

Distillation Science and Technology

For questions regarding the Fermentation Science program, email Dr. Tanya Shtoyko