US-Mexico Research Collaboration

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US-Mexico Research Collaboration

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 The U.S. – Mexico Research Collaboration for Regional Economic Studies aims to encourage the mutual benefits and research collaboration between the Hibbs Institute for Business and Economic Research, affiliated to the University of Texas at Tyler, and the Centro de Investigaciones Economicas (CIE) or Economic Research Center, affiliated to the Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon (UANL) located in Monterrey, Mexico.

Both, the Hibbs Institute and the CIE, focus on producing business and economic analyses for their areas of interest (East Texas and the State of Nuevo Leon, respectively), with the purpose of facilitating regional economic development. Although their predominant customers are local governments, economic development councils, chambers of commerce, non-profit organizations, and the community in general, they also provide consulting services to private companies that have a particular research interest in the business or economic fields.

The Hibbs Institute and the CIE have developed research studies on various topics such as demographics, economic impact analysis, income distribution, labor market analysis, and health economics, among others. Students hired by the research centers are exposed to learn from the applied experience during their service at the Hibbs Institute and the CIE, which maximizes their opportunities and future success in the labor market.

Recently, the Hibbs Institute and the CIE had a research collaboration that produced excellent results. Two students of the Ph.D. program in economics from the UANL that work with the CIE were invited by the Hibbs Institute to collaborate in two regional research projects. The students worked remotely during several months, to then, complete their projects in a two-week visit to Tyler, and finally, present their results to local audiences at the Soules College of Business in an event organized by the Hibbs Institute. The research projects discussed relevant issues regarding the economic impacts of the human capital investment and the oil and gas industry in the region. The presentations were well accepted by local experts who attended the presentations, as well as the local media, who had a mention in both, their printed and digital issues.

The Hibbs Institute and the CIE intend to work together in the near future pursuing collaborative studies such as regional research whitepapers, grant proposals, and consulting projects for organizations and clients in the U.S. and Mexico.

Thesis Defense

In partial fulfilment of the degree: Master's in Economics, with a concentration in Industrial Economy.

Date: March 13, 2023, at 10:00 am.

Title: "Evaluation of a Change in Policy to Allow Licenses to Sell Alcohol Beverages in the City of Tyler, Texas."


Dr. Joana Chapa  (Chair)

Dr. Manuel Reyes

Dr.  Edgardo Ayala


Jorge Davila


Approved with Honors




Research Presentation (memories)



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 UT Tyler's Hibbs Institute teams up with university in Mexico to study local economic drivers (link to complete story).  




 The Centro de Investigaciones Economicas (CIE) 60th Anniversary Celebration, and their recognition to

the Hibbs Institute collaboration.