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Professional Development

Soules College of Business

Career Development

The Soules College of Business at UT Tyler supports the career development of our students. Soules College of Business majors get the following career development training as part of their degree:

  • Professional Branding - Development of a “professional brand,” which includes a self-assessment and creation of an elevator speech.
  • Resume Writing and Cover Letter Development - Creating a professional resume, complete with cover letter and reviewed for quality.
  • Electronic Portfolio - Development of a LinkedIn profile to establish a professional online presence prior to graduation.
  • Dress for Success - Instruction in professional attire, preparing students to dress for success.
  • Etiquette Dinner - Participation in a business and dining etiquette dinner to enhance professionalism at social dining events.
  • Offer Negotiations - Training on negotiating and accepting or declining a job/business offer in a professional manner.
  • Mock Team Interviews - Participation in a mock team interview in which local businesses provide a professional interview experience and direct feedback on a student’s interviewing technique.

The Soules College of Business Undergraduate Advising Center also provides assistance with internships and career planning. 
Internships - Internship opportunities are available to students to earn college credit while gaining professional experience within their desired field.
Employer Relations Specialist - The Soules College of Business also partners with the Office of Career Success to provide our students a direct link to an employer relations specialist who has an office within the Undergraduate Advising Center. The employer relations specialist is available to students to discuss career goals and planning. Internship and job opportunities are communicated to students on a regular basis through email with links to the Handshake website for direct application.



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