Mechanical Engineering Masters Degree


Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering

The UT Tyler Department of Mechanical Engineering offers the master of science in mechanical engineering degree, providing advanced levels of mechanical engineering education and research. The program is broad-based, allowing students to develop expertise in a number of areas ranging from design, manufacturing, thermal and fluid sciences to solid mechanics and mechanical control and instrumentation.

The MSME degree program is flexible to accommodate students with bachelor's degrees in other closely related engineering majors. The program is structured and scheduled to serve both full-time and part-time graduate students, and to serve the continuing education needs of practicing engineers. Most mechanical engineering graduate courses are designed to integrate independent research and engineering practice into the course contents. Students with bachelor's degrees in physics or mathematics will need at least two full years of leveling courses before they can take graduate courses in the MSME program.

Graduates of the UT Tyler program can be employed by private sectors and government agencies to serve as group leaders, principal engineers, managers and R&D technical staff. Students can also plan course selection in preparation for doctoral degree programs in mechanical or other engineering disciplines.

Program Outcomes

Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering students at the time of graduation are expected to:

  1. Apply fundamental knowledge of specialized mechanical engineering concepts in the various areas of Mechanical Engineering.
  2. Apply modern engineering tools for analysis and design of engineering problems.
  3. Demonstrate independent self-learning and research capabilities for solving engineering problems.
  4. Demonstrate an ability to effectively communicate results from engineering problems or other intellectual products.

Mechanical Engineering Integrated Certificates

Students admitted to the MSME program may be eligible to earn the following certificates along with their degree, with advisor approval. These certificates are not available as stand-alone certificates; they must be earned in conjunction with the MSME degree program. Courses completed for these certificates will be listed as a milestone on an official university transcript and a certificate of completion will be awarded by the Department.

Mechanical Engineering Integrated Certificate Admission Requirements

Mechanical Engineering Integrated Certificate students must be admitted to the MSME graduate program.

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