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The Graduate School

Graduate Forms

Looking for thesis or dissertation forms?

If you don’t find what you need here, please try the Registrar's Forms Library.

PDF forms should be submitted according to the directions on the form.

The DocuSign forms listed below may be initiated by the student. To initiate one of these forms, just click the link and you will be directed to fill out the form.

  • Graduate Restart Petition (DocuSign form)
    This form is for students who have done poorly in a past attempt at graduate study at UT Tyler and would like a fresh start. If approved for a student, the Graduate Restart Program will remove all prior graduate grades from the student’s GPA and the student will have a fresh start at their UT Tyler graduate program. Please note that a student can only be approved for Graduate Restart once. See the catalog for more details.
  • Core Residency Affidavit (PDF form)
    This affidavit should only be submitted if required by the Core Residency Form. If needed, it should be printed, notarized, and submitted by main or in person to the address on the bottom of the affidavit after submission of the Core Residency Form.
  • Graduate Travel Release and Indemnification (DocuSign form)
    Graduate students may travel domestically without being accompanied by a Responsible University Official (RUO).  At least one week prior to traveling, this form should be approved and other forms that may be required by their departments should be completed. Graduate students cannot serve as RUOs when traveling with undergraduate students. Graduate students who travel internationally will follow the requirements for International Travel. Your Patriots email address MUST be used to initiate the form. 

The forms below must be initiated by a student’s graduate advisor. These forms will not be accepted from students directly.