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The Graduate School takes great pride in our graduate students' research, which is showcased in the library’s Institutional Repository (Scholar Works). Before your paper can be featured there, there are some forms and formatting guidelines you need to complete. Please follow the instructions below to ensure your thesis or dissertation is completed according to Graduate School policies. Theses and dissertations that do not meet all Graduate School policies will not be approved.

Step-by-step guide to the thesis process for students.

Step-by-step guide to the dissertation process for students.

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If at any time you have a question regarding these policies and procedures, contact The Graduate School at

Editing and Formatting Your Manuscript

The responsibility for editing and formatting theses and dissertations resides solely with the student, so don't wait until the last minute to begin. You will find formatting guidelines and information below.


  • You must submit your manuscript in Word format (not PDF) for your format review. After your manuscript has received final formatting approval you will submit your final manuscript in PDF form to the University’s Institutional Repository. Math students may submit PDF manuscripts.
  • You must indicate which citation style you are using when you submit your manuscript for review.  
  • You must include the reviewer's embedded comments when you submit your revisions. 

While the Graduate School strongly encourages publication of research results, students are reminded that preparation of a thesis/dissertation and preparation of a manuscript for publication are two separate operations. Certain mechanical stipulations for submitting manuscript copy to a publisher may differ from those specified by the Graduate School and may not be acceptable.

Please note that The Graduate School does not prescribe any single citation style (MLA or Chicago, for example) as formats differ across disciplines. Select a style manual or journal format established by your department or committee and consistently follow that style throughout the manuscript except where the UT Tyler guidelines state otherwise.

Thesis and Dissertation Formatting Guidelines (and Sample Pages)

  • Students may choose to use a manuscript template, but it is not mandatory.
  • Students are welcome to use a professional formatting service for their manuscript.
  • Please check our list of Common Errors before submitting your manuscript for format review.

Electronic Manuscript Submission

All UT Tyler Graduate students are required to submit an electronic copy of their thesis/dissertation to the University’s Institutional Repository. Know your rights! Please review our Electronic Thesis/Dissertation Submission Sheet for Rights Management and Access information.

With electronic thesis submission, we no longer require students to submit bound thesis copies for the library; however, if you or your department would like to have bound copies, contact the UT Tyler Copy Center for pricing.

Institutional Review Board (IRB) Approval

Federal regulations and University policy require that all investigations using animal or human beings as subjects of research be reviewed and approved by the appropriately constituted committees before such investigations may begin.

Data cannot be collected for any dissertation based on the use of animals or human beings as subjects without prior review and approval in accordance with university procedures. More information can be found online on the Office of Research and Scholarship website.

Even if you believe that your research may be "exempt", the proposed research must still be reviewed prior to initiating collection of data.

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