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Home to the region’s only academic medical center, The University of Texas at Tyler Health Science Center is one of the five campuses of UT Tyler. Two of UT Tyler’s four health-related schools have a presence on this campus: the School of Health Professions and the School of Medicine.

Campus History

Founding Dean Brigham Willis, speaking at a conference

Our Beginnings

The University of Texas at Tyler Health Science Center campus is located on the former grounds of the Station Hospital of Camp Fannin, an Infantry Replacement Training Center opened by the Army in 1943. After it was acquired by the state of Texas, it became a tuberculosis sanitorium. Today, the campus is home to the Camp Fannin Memorial.

Joining the University of Texas System

Later renamed the East Texas Chest Hospital, it operated as an independent hospital until 1977 when it joined the prestigious University of Texas System. Renamed The University of Texas Health Center at Tyler and later UT Health Science Center at Tyler, it aimed to advance patient care and community health, medical and health education, and biomedical and clinical research. 
UT Health Science Center Biomedical Research Building


Over the years, the Health Science Center added a six-story hospital tower (1980), launched its first medical residency program (1985) and constructed the Center for Biomedical Research (1987).
UT Health Science Center

A Name Change

In 2008, The University of Texas Health Center at Tyler changed its name to The University of Texas Health Science Center at Tyler to better reflect its overarching mission and expanded facilities. The $67-million addition boasted a state-of-the-art cancer treatment and prevention center, a breast diagnostic center, surgical specialties, the Watson W. Wise Medical Research Library and Louise & Joseph Z. Ornelas Academic Amphitheater.
Exterior of the H building at UT Health Science Center

New Programs

Its academic offerings also grew with the establishment of the Master of Science in Biotechnology, the Master of Public Health and Master of Healthcare Administration programs.
Sign for UT Tyler Health Science Center


After the merger with UT Tyler in 2021, it became The University of Texas at Tyler Health Science Center.

Campus Programs and Facilities

The UT Tyler Health Science Center facility offers an array of crucial medical and healthcare education resources, fostering an environment dedicated to excellence in education. From cutting-edge simulation labs to dedicated research spaces, every aspect of the UT Tyler Health Science Center is designed to enhance the educational experience. This dynamic campus is not just a hub for learning; it’s a catalyst for progress in healthcare education and a testament to UT Tyler's commitment to shaping the future of healthcare in the East Texas region.

Students watch a demonstration at a pre-health conference

Office of Health Affairs

The Health Affairs administration offices on the UT Tyler Health Science Center campus support all of UT Tyler’s health-related schools, including the Fisch College of Pharmacy, School of Health Professions, School of Medicine and School of Nursing. Their presence ensures efficient collaboration and strategic management of the various schools, enabling them to contribute synergistically to the overarching mission of advancing healthcare education, research and patient care in East Texas.
Two medicine students on a computer

School of Health Professions

This campus serves as the central hub for the School of Health Professions administration. With classes and labs hosted within the state-of-the-art facilities, this campus provides a dynamic and collaborative learning environment where students can engage in hands-on learning experiences, collaborate with faculty and peers, and immerse themselves in the health field.
Two medicine students studying

School of Medicine

The School of Medicine offers a vibrant and engaging environment for students on the UT Tyler Health Science Center campus. The campus features several dedicated classrooms, study areas, a community kitchen and unique wellness spaces equipped with recreational amenities.
UT Tyler Health Science Center Biomedical Research Building

Center for Biomedical Research

With nationally recognized researchers and cutting-edge equipment, the Center for Biomedical Research focuses on a variety of scientific areas such as lung injury and repair, infectious lung diseases, innate immunity, cell motility and cancer research. The center provides an engaging learning environment where students pursuing a Master of Science in Biotechnology actively contribute to groundbreaking research as part of their academic journey.
Medical and nursing students working on a patient in the simulation lab

Simulation in Medicine and Immersive Learning Experience Center

The SMILE Center boasts four operating rooms converted for educational simulations, an anatomy lab with mannequins and interactive touch screens, and a patient clinic with simulated patient actors assisting medical students in honing real-life skills. With state-of-the-art technology and an interdisciplinary approach, the SMILE Center plays a pivotal role in advancing healthcare in rural East Texas.
A row of medicine students with their white coats folded over their arms

Watson W. Wise Medical Research Library

The Watson W. Wise Medical Research Library is the only full-service, professionally staffed health science library in Northeast Texas, serving UT Tyler students and faculty as well as the general public. The library features both private and public study areas and maintains a collection of over 5,000 periodicals and 3,000 books, most of which are easily accessible in an electronic format. Public-access computers are available for database and web searching, word processing and presentations.
Scientist in a Laboratory

Public Health Laboratory of East Texas

The Public Health Laboratory of East Texas, or PHLET, serves as a vital registered Laboratory Response Network reference laboratory. Dedicated to public health preparedness, the laboratory offers a range of essential services, including bioterrorism testing, to multiple East Texas counties. The laboratory plays a pivotal role in the timely detection and confirmation of threat agents and emerging pathogens, ensuring a swift and effective local response to potential health emergencies and ultimately fostering a safer, healthier East Texas community.
Food truck social event at UT Health north campus

UT Health North Campus Tyler (UTHET)

The UT Tyler Health Science Center campus is further enriched by its collaboration with UT Health East Texas, which operates the UT Health North Campus Tyler hospital on the same grounds. This dynamic partnership not only allows for a close connection with a prominent healthcare institution but also provides invaluable opportunities for medical students to gain experience in a functioning hospital setting.
Two medical practitioners holding and looking at an IV

HOPE Cancer Center

In addition, this campus is home to one of UT Health East Texas’ HOPE Cancer Center divisions. The Center has provided the highest-quality cancer care available to members of our community for more than over 30 years. It’s also an active center of research, partnering with UT Tyler to develop new cancer therapies to improve outcomes in our region and beyond.
Dr. Maolin Lu
Research at UT Tyler is thriving, and there are lots of collaborative opportunities with other laboratories. During my interview in December 2020, when most of the U.S. was locked down, I felt very welcomed and grateful that other faculty members appreciated my research. I am grateful for the opportunity and support that UT Tyler has given to me during a historically challenging time. I am privileged to be a part of this institution.

Dr. Maolin Lu

Assistant Professor of Cellular and Molecular Biology

Meet Professor Lu

Community Outreach and Engagement

UT Health East Texas

In its regional network of hospitals, clinics and other facilities, UT Health East Texas delivers world-class care to thousands of patients each year while conducting clinical trials and training the next generation of professionals through UT Tyler’s unique programs. The UT Tyler Health Science Center is home to UT Health North Campus Tyler.

Public Health Programs

Faculty, staff and students at the UT Tyler Health Science Center campus connect their expertise with local community needs to assist traditionally underserved populations through an array of health and outreach programs, including behavioral health telemedicine services for rural populations, cancer screenings, parental education, lifestyle changes and more.

Pollen and Mold Count

UT Tyler's Health Science Center provides a daily pollen and mold count as a resource to the community. See today's counts as well as prior counts.


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