UT Tyler Honors College

Frequently Asked Questions

UT Tyler Honors College

Do I have to be a specific major to participate in the Honors College?

No, all majors are welcome.

All questions related to AP and Dual Credit:

Having AP or Dual Credit does not exclude you from participating in the Honors College. The Honors Core is a requirement for incoming first year Honors students and will satisfy several core requirements. Students who have AP or Dual Credit that satisfy the Honors Core can take Honors Core classes as electives. In the case of AP credit, a student can also choose to deny transferring the AP credit to UT Tyler and then take the Honors Core classes to satisfy the core curriculum requirements. Without exception, all first-year students must complete the first two World, Text, Image courses: HNRS 1351 and HNRS 1352. 

If a student has AP or Dual Credit and does not wish to take the Honors Core classes as electives, then that student can apply as a current UT Tyler student after completing their first year of undergraduate courses.

If I participate in the Honors College, will I have to take more courses to graduate?

No, the Honors College is designed to stay within the requirements of your major. Required Honors classes satisfy core curriculum requirements that all students, regardless of major, must complete.

How do Honors courses differ from regular courses?

Honors courses are often team-taught and are designed to be more interdisciplinary in their subject matter. The reading and writing are more in-depth, and you can expect more faculty-student interaction. Classes are more relaxed and interactive since they are small seminar-type sections.

What are the grade requirements to stay in the program?

You must maintain a cumulative 3.2 GPA to remain in good standing in the Honors College. To graduate from the Honors College, you will need to achieve a final GPA of at least 3.2, complete the Honors curriculum, and attend all Honors Colloquia.

What is the Honors Senior Project?

The Honors Senior Project is an opportunity for students to create a piece of research that serves as the culmination of their work in the Honors College. Please see the Honors Project page for more information.

What if I find that Honors isn't for me? Can I leave the program?

Absolutely. You can withdraw at any time with no academic penalty. The Honors courses you have completed will remain on your records, and they all count toward regular university credit and satisfy core curriculum requirements. However, you will lose your Honors scholarship.