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About the Lyceum

The Lyceum is the University of Texas at Tyler's largest student research showcase.

The term "Lyceum" refers to Aristotle's school in ancient Athens. Following in this tradition, the Lyceum at UT Tyler serves as a opportunity for students to showcase their original research and work to the larger community. This annual event is held in the spring of each year and co-sponsored by the Honors College and the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning.

The 9th annual Lyceum Research Showcase will be held April 26th, 2024 in the University Center.

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All UT Tyler students - undergraduate and graduate - are invited to present at the Lyceum. Students may present either a poster or make a presentation on a panel.


The 8th annual Lyceum Research Showcase was held April 14th, 2023 in the University Center.

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Graduate Oral Presentation Winners:

1st Place: Mayokun Oke "Effects of Catalysts and Operating Conditions on the Hydrothermal Liquefaction of Saccharina Latissima for the Production of Biofuel"

2nd Place: Md Fahim Shahriar "Visualization and Investigation of CO2 Density-Driven Convective Transport in Vertical Hele-Shaw Cell: Implications for Long-Term CO2 Sequestration"

3rd Place: Megan Gray " Exploring the Ideas of Emotion Through Different Materials and Processes"


Undergraduate Oral Presentation Winners:

1st Place: Luis E. Perez "Exploring the Power and Ephemerality of Intimacy in the Ordinary"

2nd Place: Lezley Hart "Correlation Between Snake Fungal Disease and Predation by Avian Predators"

3rd Place: Suzannah Bozarth "The Divide: Examining Tyler's Racial History and Demography"


Graduate Poster Winners:

1st Place: Liaquat Ali "Synthesis and teh Controlled Self-Assembly of Coiled Oligopeptides"

2nd Place: Rahma Aly, Shoukath Sulthana, Robert Beaudoin, and Ayman Hamouda "CMPI nanoparticle formulation to enhance its delivery to intracellular targets"

2nd Place: Matthew S. Fontanese, Joseph J. Muraira, Christian Lopez, Lance Barela, Alex Garcia, Jeanne M. Dube, Kailee Prentice, and Allison M. Coldiron "General Absorption Mediates Narcissism's Effect on Private but Not Public Self-Absorption"

3rd Place: Md Irfan Khan "Parametric Study of CO2 Sequestration in Deep Saline Aquifers using data-driven models"


Undergraduate Poster Winners:

1st Place: Eric Burnett, Clay Woodcock, Jose Valdez, and Uriel Vela "Drone Arm Optimization"

2nd Place: Olinda Zusinas "Does Corticotropin Releasing Hormone Induce miRNA-200b Gene Expression from Exosomes of Triple Negative Breast Cancer"

3rd Place: Israel Joshua Santhosh, Shoukath Sulthana, Ayaan Khan, and Farah Deba "Maximizing tumor targeting using engineered extracellular vesicles derived from activated macrophages"


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