Global Quiz Night

Global Quiz Night

UT Tyler Honors College

Global Quiz Night is a campus-wide event in which teams of students compete against one another in a trivia bowl. Teams compete for prizes and the glory of being crowned Global Quiz Night Grand Champion.

The 12th annual Global Quiz Night will occur on October 26, 2023.

This year's Global Quiz Night will be held in the Ornelas Activity Center starting at 6pm. The theme is Disco!


The event consists of two halves, with a 15 minute intermission between. Each half has three rounds.

 First Half 

Second Half

Round 1: History

Round 4: Engineering & Technology

Round 2: Popular Culture

Round 5: Sports

Round 3: Math & Science

Round 6: Art & Literature


Teams are comprised of 5-8 currently enrolled UT Tyler undergraduate and/or students. Students can register as a team or as an individual (the Honors staff will assign individuals to teams).

Teams and individuals must register here by October 22, 2023

 ****There will be a mandatory team captain's meeting over zoom on Monday, October 23rd at 2pm. One member of every team must attend this meeting in order for the team to participate in GQN.****


Costume Contest

The costume contest at Global Quiz Night ranks as one of the great traditions in the Honors College! Students participating in Global Quiz Night can enter the costume contest as an individual or with a group. Costumes can be funny, scary, elaborate, ironic, or anything else you can think of and will be judged on their originality, cohesiveness, and time/thought/energy. Please avoid insensitive or offensive images.

Winners are determined by popular vote, and will be announced at the end of the evening. 

Good luck and see you at Global Quiz Night!


Past Champions:

2022 Grand Champions: Millie Jeske - team captain, Hayley Jasper, Jacob Price, Lucas Vega, Jacob Groniga, Whitney Worley, Vivianne Wong, Mikala VanBuskirk

2021 Grand Champions: Kathryn Chamberlain - team captain, Lindsey Hudgins, Carson Young, Gregory Wheeler, Kirby Cotter, Peyton Pascual, Will Robertson, Jose Covarrubias

2020 Grand Champions: Ben Stewart - team captain, Dawson Barker, Sammie Bast, Maddie Cano, Charles Eldridge, Mason Paddie, Logan Proffer, Clay Stewart

2019 Grand Champions: Grant Paul - team captain, Elizabeth Boshers, Aldyn Edwards, Keeleigh Foster, Greg Sturrock, Izzy Adams, Chis Williams, Natalie Beavers

2018 Grand Champions: Karley Lewis - team captain, Averi Brown, Beckett Preston, Chloe Chawner, Ava Karl, Brooke Brewer, Elizabeth Newsom, and David Newsom

2017 Grand Champions: Alex Craig - team captain, Maria Alejandra Rivero, Daniela Pereira, Paula Achang, and John Randall Sadler

2016 Grand Champions: Caleb Nehls - team captain, Reid Robins, Erica Larsen, Dylan Crowder, and Stephen Holland

2015 Grand Champions: Benjamin Arce - team captain, Erika Anderson, Maria Arce, Renee Erlandson, Nevid Harji, Alberto Munoz, Katrina Tilaon and Lisa Turner

2014 Grand Champions: Kate Kindig, Erika Anderson, Ben Arce, Brandon Tucker, Sam Davis, Grace Young, Cayla Ward and Katrina Tilaon

2013 Grand Champions: Zachary McKinley, Matheus Schneider do Canto, Brian Western, Laura Lee Hoyt - team captain, Grant Wagliardo, Abby Wyatt and Rebekah Scott

2012 Grand Champions: Addison Gribbin - team captain, Kaitlyn Bull, Dallas Flick, Carver Hodgkiss, Alex Warren and Aerial Wesberry