Mission, Vision, Values

Mission, Vision and Core Values

Ben and Maytee Fisch College of Pharmacy


To cultivate pharmacy professionals and advance healthcare through collaborative education, scholarship, and service. 


To foster an expanded community of servant-leaders in pharmacy practice, education, scholarship, and public health with an emphasis on disadvantaged populations. 

Core Values

The College embraces the following core values as part of its academic and professional culture. The core values are used to guide all of our interactions with all current and future stakeholders:

  • Integrity: we strive to do the right thing;
  • Learner-Focused: we provide an environment that supports academic and personal success;
  • Resiliency: we improve upon successes, learn from challenges, and grow from the unanticipated.

Goals - Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Health Outcomes

  • Maintain a high-quality educational environment based on the principles of team-based learning.
  • Enrich department academic and research productivity through targeted recruitment and implementation of faculty development programs.
  • Serve as a beacon for East Texas by engaging students in research and scholarly activities and contributing to the advancement of knowledge.

Goals - Department of Clinical Sciences

  • Educating Pharmacists for Future Practice
    • Use innovative pedagogies to inspire life-long learning.
  • Pharmacy Practice and Service
    • Address unmet healthcare needs of rural and disadvantaged populations through education and intervention.
  • Research and Scholarship
    • Foster collaborative research and scholarship opportunities that advance the practice of pharmacy.